Poetry Corner: Sister of the Bride by Kihin Ranno

Fandom:Original Fiction Rating:PG13
Created:2008-12-31 Modified:2008-12-31
Summary:We were assigned to a ballad for class, but I screwed up the rhyme scheme AND the prof said it was archaic and thus did not like it. This prof and me do not often see eye to eye.
Sister of the Bride

She went to bed in ribbons fair
Wound rose and gold all through her hair.
Come morning sun, she’d be a bride,
Smiling at her true love’s side.

She slept soundly and so content,
Dreaming of children in her head.
She felt she’d be a happy wife
And love her man all through her life.

She never knew who felt that night
An untold hatred, rage, and spite.
For sister loved tomorrow’s groom,
And sister wanted vengeance soon.

In her doorway, her sister stood,
Fingernails clawing at the wood.
“I love him more than eyes can see.
You’re better than I’ll ever be.”

So sister took those ribbons fair
Wound rose and gold all through her hair
And ‘round her neck, sister pulled tight –
Continued breathing with delight.

Come morning sun she’d have been wed.
sister made sure she was dead.
But the bride’s dreams had been quite right –
Loved him ‘til the end of her life.

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