Poetry Corner: Crystal Blossoms by Loki

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Summary:This is a compendium of poetic prose and magical moments from six years or more of writing Sailor Moon, and covers a broad spectrum of genres and moods, enjoy!
Crystal Blossoms

Crystal Blossoms

A Blue Pearl shimmers in the Night Sky (1)

Usagi, usually prone to getting squeamish whenever a battle was done, stood staring at the melting spider monster without blinking an eye. She scrunched up her face -- as was her usual reaction -- and turned tail and ran off at the sight of the dead Youma and its yucky, gooey remains.

She brightened suddenly and said, “Anyone for Crown Arcade? I'm starved. Come on girls: burgers, fries and ice cream beckon. Major hunger vibes there Ami-chan?" she cackled out of character.

'What was wrong with her!'

I shook my head, even I thought the sight of that dissolving Youma was an appetite killer, but what was wrong with that meatball brain?

Contemplating the flame: Dedication to Lady Mars (2)

Fire can prepare the ground for the rains and a new season shall marshal in the blooms of tomorrow. In this, I find solace.

She is mistress of contrast -- the bridge and division of worlds, minds, creation and destruction; she is all these things and more.

The flame hungers, longing for the touch of her velvet lover of the night. She seeks to transform her shadow lord to assume the hue of the brightest star.

She warms and destroys, yet she is so innocent. She is paradox. Agni, encapsulated in her fiery shell -- dancer of light, forever you are my deepest love. I long to be touched by your fire and blessed by your sweet, fiery kisses.

She is shamaness of dawn. She dances amongst the stars, rapture personified.

The Goddess of Fire, excited by the stirrings of a gentle breeze, she wakes, performs and illumines. Yet within the hearth, the womb and the cradle of the Gods she is all consuming and evocative. She is ineffable.

Tempestuous, her rage awaits a moment of opportunity, to fan the fires of her awakening in perpetuity. She kneels to kiss our tinderbox of potentialities, to free her supplicants or absorb them in her light. As a child of reassurance, she lights the way of those troubled or afraid of the dark. But what of this beauty who lives in the boundless ocean of contradiction? Embracing the furnace within the heart that sleeps. She is the way shower, the priest and priestess's council and comfort, the celestial epithet: culture and rite, celebration and lamentation, she is the synapse between life and death -- a tapestry of trial and jubilation for infinity as she is in a single moment.

Lady Mars, Princess of Fire, solitaire, guardian, lover and friend. She commands the celestial fires. She, keeper of secrets is the trickster whom awaits the fool's wayward action, to seize the moment to unleash her fury. Sailor Mars, my beloved Hino Rei, you symbolize all these things and more.

Fire refuses to be defined as one thing alone. She is many things to all people. In my case, she is my Goddess of Fire.

Jadeite to Hino Rei

Cusp of Ogan (3)

Blessed by lady moon and kissed by the light of the sun we thrive. As adults, we become the wayshoers, the guardians and wise ones. But in order our flowers and saplings grow strong and know love's greatest power, we never, ever forget to love and consult the child that dwells within the shrine of our hearts.

Memories, these facets of a crystal splendor that lie at the core of our being are boundless living strands of possibility.
Our dreams alive. Our wishes floating upon the fragrant winds of the Crystal Nexus like incandescent dandelions seeking a place to land and a new tomorrow.

Time, space and the magic of the Affinity Weft, like a kaleidoscope, reorganizes our experience. In the infinite seasons, we are as ink to parchment as the forerunners of existence in perpetuity.

As we wander through the corridors of manifestation, we leave impressions and these grow into their own awareness. Gathering power of perceptivity, these gestate into a new Star Seed to find a home in the furrowed fields of the constellations where they grow, bloom, and seek out a worthy host.

With the light, there is always the contrast of the dark. In and of itself, it is evil not, but undifferentiated. Formless, yet potent. The night, only ever corrupted by a rapacious catalyst, this force we call Chaos.

Sailor Cosmos

Sky Dancer (4)

Oh bloody steel and fragrant rose, hear me.

Doth the half moon have its fill, and shall the seasons mourn in advance of future trials?

When sunrise sheds her raiment, giving herself to Helios, Shall the night lament for sorrows seen, and for those yet to come?

What of the wayshower of fire, doth she have a price on her head for speaking of those things blessed by Amaterasu in the eight-sided mirror?

Should she hold her tongue, refuse council when the Kamis will not speak their wisdom concerning the matter of the one known as Serenity?

Can the wind apologize for the tempest it leaves in her wake? Can death apologize for its necessity lest she betray the newborn?

Gates of Paradox (5)

Death is but a shifting threshold,

A gateway to the nexus between love and hatred,

Light and darkness, eternity in infinite bloom,

Lady Myola

Ice Womb (5)

There is a sacrifice required,

Time is drifting back to its own childhood,

She remembers how to dance,

She wants to dance,

Yet, she grows tired with the effort,

She stirs within the Terran cradle,

She sleeps, but must awaken and she longs to dance once more amongst the seasons,

Her time has come!

Lady Myola

Repose (6)

She sleeps and she dreams --A Goddess soon to be born,

The cradle of the Earth whispers her name through the silence of eternal night,

Only one whom possesses a heart of overwhelming abundance has the power to call her,

A celestial poet and priest or priestess of the dream -- servant of she who commands the solar tempest,

She, the Lady of Sule with her wings of fire shall visit upon the cradle of ice and awaken her child and in doing so, the Earth gives birth and another epoch unfurls.

Princess Aki

Before I Sleep (7)

Give into the flames, allow them to speak to you, Aki,

See the tides of stars that communicates with earth, water, air, fire and ether,

Allow yourself to Drift and let the fire speak,

See yourself in its cupped hands,

See the birth of worlds, of stars,

Feel the deeper fire, the serpent of flame and see her ascend to kiss her etheric counterpart as he descends into the heart,

The firebird and the rose,

Breathe in the air, feel its surging power blowing on the coals of your hopes, your dreams and aspirations,

Now give yourself to its song, its pulsing rhythms and let it reveal its secrets to you…

Rei – Queen of Mars

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