Poetry Corner: My Little Girl by Cheshlin

Fandom:Original Fiction Rating:G
Created:2009-04-22 Modified:2009-04-22
Summary:Watching my little girl. . .
My Little Girl

There she lays, my little girl,
Sleep and peace smoothes her brow.
My hand gently sweeps an errant curl,
Love fills my heart right now.

Her smiles warm my taken heart,
While games come from thin air.
Laughter comes to play its part,
She runs with out a care.

Her father chases her through the house,
The cats fast on their trail.
Scurrying back fast as a mouse,
Up in mommy’s arms she’ll sail.

Kisses and Hugs are flung about.
Peace and quiet is rare.
“Mamma, Dadda,” she’s known to shout
Right now life has no care.

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