Poetry Corner: Plights by Cheshlin

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:G
Created:2009-04-22 Modified:2009-04-22
Summary:Molly Weasley reflects on money and her family

My head hangs as stress fills me
Shuffling funds trying pay bills.
Which can be late and which must be on time?

A better job my husband could procure,
But this one fills him with joy.
Isnít happiness more important than gold?

I try to help, as best I can.
Odd jobs from laundry to planting I find.
What else can a wife and mother do for her household?

I sit here pondering my plight
Of how to solve my problems.
Thoughts circle round my brain
Answers fill the void
The important
Thing, I find
Is our
Love grows
As gentle
Blooms open up.
Spring comes to my mind
No matter our troubles
Family will see us through
Taking us in and giving help.

My children want many things,
But at the end of the day the moneyís gone
So how can I help them get things?

Iíll show them the value of what they have
The importance of family and friends.
Will that be enough for them?

The shuffle of papers still fill the air
As I get creative with our finances.
What will be, will be as fate sees fit. . .

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