Poetry Corner: In my Dreams by Cheshlin

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:G
Created:2009-04-22 Modified:2009-04-22
Summary:Tonks, Molly Weasley, and Remus reflect to the tune of In My Life from Les Miserables
In my Dreams

Who’d Guess?
I would fall in love and he would worry.
This Mess,
A werewolf can be so sweet but furry.
Why can’t he understand?
What’s the matter with loving him?
His heart is all I want.
My love is not a whim.

In my Dreams,
There are so many feelings and answers
I would share with him.
In my dreams,
There are times I see us living harmoniously,
In each others arms,
Held tightly,
Knowing love as it should be known.
Two made one.
True as the sun above,
Waiting to be shown.

Does he not trust my instinct?
Do I not know my heart?
Does he feel as I feel?
Does he hurt when we’re apart?

In my dreams,
I know we are meant to be.
I must follow my dreams
To be strong
Convince him, prove him wrong.

Mrs. Weasley:

Dearest Tonks,
You have so much to learn
A man will try to protect those they love.
I have tried to argue your case
He won’t hear about love,
I will keep trying, for love conquers all.


There’s much I want to share
If he would only dare.
Of the life I have led,
And the woman I am,
How he’d grow more in love.
He deny’s the love he feels,
Trying to keep me safe
When with him safety lives,
So stubborn and so deep,
The feelings that we keep.

In my dreams,
He is there, with no care,
He wraps his arms tightly around me.
But Molly, dear Molly,
In his eyes I am helpless and wrong,
Oh why can’t he just see?

Mrs. Weasley:

Please don’t cry,
Please don’t cry, he will someday see truth,
He’ll see why.
His heart shall speak true,
Shall win through.


In my dreams
My heart is not lost or grown cold
For the truth that he knows
In his heart, deep down inside.

Mrs. Weasley:

You will learn,
Sense shall come through in the end,
To us all in our hearts,
In good time.


In my dreams,
She has burst like a bright sunny day.
The pink of her hair,
Suddenly took by surprise,
As my heart leapt in joy,
At her beauty and sparks that we share.
Oh my Tonks,
How I long to allow my heart room.
Wish I could forget the danger that comes,
With the full moon.
I long to give into your love, to my desire.

Tonks and Remus:

In my dreams,
There is someone who longs for my love.


Should I give?


Soon he’ll give.

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