Poetry Corner: Identity by Cheshlin

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:G
Created:2009-04-22 Modified:2009-04-22
Summary:George reflects on his identity after losing Fred.

Can no one see the frustration
That comes of being confused?
Two individuals stand here,
While one being is sometimes perceived.

Fred is good at creation.
Potions he delicately brews.
Leading all of the cheer,
He won’t let the world be aggrieved.

George is more the foundation.
Transfiguration keeps him amused.
Charming all that comes near,
Not stopping ‘til laughter’s achieved.

Fred works hard to be believed,
When his motives are quite unclear.
Foraging forward faithfully fused
Gred brings his biggest temptation.

George greatly becomes grieved,
When Forge is torn so severe.
Moving on alone most abused,
When battle brings such aberration.

Moving on when so bereaved,
Is like making his heart disappear.
What comes of being confused,
When no one can see the frustration.

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