Poetry Corner: Crystal Blossoms 2 by Loki

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:PG13
Created:2009-05-03 Modified:2009-05-03
Summary:A continuation of those special poetic moments in my writings over the years, these written in a free flowing style that highlight the magic of Sailor Moon
Crystal Blossoms 2

Crystal Blossoms Part 2

Lamentations of a Faery Princess (1)

Love is like the seasons, it brings us her bounty,

But she passes into shadow with a smile and not a care,

As tomorrow makes its pact with the ice and the snows,

Leaves fall as tribute to our memories,

Each leaf etched with the pounding of our hearts,

The softness of your kisses and your lover’s touch in bed,

How shall I fill the void as the ice claims my heart: my limbs, my body as the cold closes the petals that long for the spring you had brought me, my love,

How shall I find the budding king, the prince of dreams and the weaver of my desires,

The Stag he was, cut down by a cruel hunter’s arrows,

And I the sharpened blade and your rose,

You, my love, lost to me and my whisperings of devotion and of the simplest of pleasures,

Your smile and your precious touch,

I the faery princess shall miss you dear one,

My young man of magic and of clear seeing,

Though the darkness of frozen talons had spirited you away from me,

I love still the emerald sprig of your being,

The shoots of hope and the strength of your unfolding extend now beyond this world free of the darkness,

Let not the shadows claim your essence, as it is pristine and deathless,

Your beauty my young man shall be mine forever more,

Until that celestial shore of time and of space weaves a path for us to join hands and hearts once again,

My dearest love, don’t forget me within your place in the heavens, the Crystal Nexus where I shall find you when fate brings me to my season’s end,

Forget me not as I shall remember, my dear Magic Man!

My eternal love,


Courage of a Mauan Princess (2)

There is only one chance,

The goblet handed to the reluctant hero or heroine,

You either drink or you die, there are no in-betweens,

But we, the resistance of Nausicaä, we live to die and we die to live!

Sailor Rochelle, Princess of Mau

Forever springtime (3)

Oh how like a spring morning you are, my beloved Odango Atama,

I remember the kisses: softness of skin upon glorious skin, the yielding of your passions and the hot breath of you on my neck,

Your endearments you released like doves, your soft pink lips giving voice to your need, your love and hunger for me,

Having tasted your sweet nectar, your passion only matched by my own, is it any wonder you set me aflame, my Usako,

I remember the banter: the teasing, the laughter and tears, my dear one, I remember it all so well,

I, the masked man and you in your fuku: strong, courageous and a mighty soldier of love and justice,

I loved your beauty, passion, fire and your purity of heart and your boundless capacity to love,

I treasure those playful jousts in the arcade. Oh my klutzy and adorable Odango Atama, winged or no, you were in whatever mode of being: irresistible,

King Endymion

Affinity Dawn (3)

She smiles this night, for the moon tides slowly move in upon the phenomenal and supernatural realms,

These caressing the sky as the dusk star lies in repose upon the fiery horizon,

All is well. An age of peace has befallen the stars this day,

Cosmic waves, once so restless, now calm. Only tranquil seas kiss these shores now,

She, Lady Sule, has embraced us all. The Oberisku no Shoujo blesses the stars with celestial kisses,

A new dispensation unfurls this day. A magical circlet of love abounds,

Kamis hold back the shadows, allowing contrast. But naught shall these dominate the forest of dappled light,

For the Shitennou and Senshi protect all with power, wisdom and love. Children of the galaxy of dreams, hear me! Your time has come,

Your elevation into the Crystal Epoch has begun. You shall rise to a new dawning, an Affinity Dawn. Aishiteru, my celestial blossoms,

Lady Amaterasu Oomikami,

Overlap (5)

I must withdraw the seasons of celestial storms,

The hellish fires upon the skies, and the ravens I must recall and wield the sword of Orion,

I am Lady Pandora, a comely Goddess of bronze,

My eyes dark, my hair vermillion; I opened the box,

I let the blood fall upon the parched Earth,

I the maiden lost something far more precious this day than my maidenhead,

I lay with the Scorpion, and he shared notions of foolishness, curiosity, abandon and ambition with me, tainted dreams of corruption,

I stood back and let it all happen,

I could not do anything to stop it for I was the pawn of the Olympians fated to perform actions that would shape destinies and worlds,

The Earth remembers and as Demeter is my witness, I weep for the monsters I have unleashed through offering my bounty too soon,

Releasing the fledgling before it was ready to take wing and now I must put matters to rights.

Princess Pandora

Pandora Laments (6)

I kneel before a pit of darkness. My hair, shines like obsidian. It covers my eyes, hiding my stinging tears. It pools in a dark velvet puddle about my blood stained limbs.

I weep, not for myself, but the innocent… my people.

I put a question to the emerging dawn, “Oh, I fear, am I too late?”

I am immortal, of the gods and caught between magic and earthly concerns. I am Pandora, seeking hope’s dwindling light from my pit of horrors. My bloody hands cradle a pink rose.

The lid to the underworld opens once more, releasing the pain. And with each rusty spike hammered into the wounded heart of the Earth, I suffer.

The pit seals a void beneath. But then an invisible force rips away the heavy lid to this realm.

“Did that come from me, did I do that?”

Silent no more… my tumult released.

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