Poetry Corner: Crystal Blossoms 3 by Loki

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Created:2009-05-04 Modified:2009-05-04
Summary:More blossoms from my Sailor Moon writings, enjoy!
Crystal Blossoms 3

Crystal Blossoms Part 3

Crystalline Sundial (1)

One can lift their eyes to the stars and read the marker,

What does it say to me,

Its message shifts with the tides of my heart,

Constant and ever in flux,

The movement of my spirit as it laments another passing moment,

Set into the confines of memory,

Time, as monument or executioner,

Its power naught in this realm,

But I, the perennial fertile seed, mother and child, seek to grow in the furrows of affinity,

This, an exalted state that defies the very fabric of existence,

Source and homecoming, implacable and inscrutable,

It resonates in the present moment,

A shadow cast before and behind me by my affinity loom,

Evaluating, manipulating my every step,

Can I deny it, can I shift the chess pieces on the board I unwittingly placed to purposes beyond my knowledge and understanding in the present moment?

Princess Aki: journal archive Myolan province library 3013 CE

Polar paradox: Age of Ice (2)

The princess sleeps with child,

She hears the sounds of the howling winds upon her lands,

Its icy fingertips releasing the frigid dawn,

The domes aglow amidst Cerulean skies,

Amaterasu kisses the Earth with fiery lips,

She sets the seasons free from their long entombment,

Her celestial eyes ablaze,

As the ice gives way to the coming Terran rebirth,

A Lunarian butterfly awakens from her icy slumber,

She arises with her beloved and the children of Sule,

The piper’s ode arrests the dawn by summoning the keepers of the Nijizuishou to release their power,

The world holds its breath,

Queen Demeter ends her lamentation,

Night and day shall meet in combat,

The light of the moon and the stars soothe the parched Earth,

A new dispensation decreed,

Queen Makoto of Jupiter: Myolan Archive 3013 CE

Sakura Dawning (3)

There was a time,

A place in a dream,

Where love remembered,

The budding rose,

The whispering pledge,

The magical locket,

The mantle of trust crossing ages,

Battles won and lost,

The symmetry of love and its power,

Born to be beautiful and proud,

Strength and courage,

Hands touch across infinity,

Serenity and the tempest,

All these carved into my reckonings,

But I am the lucky one,

For I have been granted your cherished gift from your precious heart,

My Usako, I love you!

King Endymion

3013 CE: Crystal Tokyo – Autobiography of a Masked Warrior

The Dappled Forest of Crystal Dreaming (4)

Beneath the snows a secret wish sleeps,

The ice may melt and snow turn to droplets of hope,

A gift for those children yet to be born,

But all along, I waited,

For you, my love,

The touch of dawn that cradled my dreams,

My gift I offer to Amaterasu,

Odin, my affinity love,

The kiss of dusk I received on the shores of these ancient lands,

A kiss from your lips, I remember well,

Caught between worlds, spellbinder, I was looking for you,

So long a time, I waited, and now you’re home.

Lady Myola

Convergence (5)

Shall my star maidens win the day, I shall dance with abandon upon the new dawn,

Raise your power wands to the sky,

Oh, noble Shitennou and Senshi of love and power, I stand by your side,

Fight for love and for what is right and believe in your power,

The menacing storm may bear down upon you,

But I call upon you to stand together with crystal blades and orbs of fire at the ready,

As I, the Oberisku no Shoujo, reclaim my celestial mantle,

I shall stand with you all, my valiant ones!

Lady Myola

All That Shines (6)

Serenity-Dawn -- our fuchsia princess,

My heart a shrine to your image,

Nature holds her breath as she watches you grow,

Your blossoming smile bursts forth upon rosy-pink lips,

As too the music of your sweet celestial voice,

Resilient and strong – in every way you are your mother’s child,

The embodiment of life’s irrepressible and magical spirit,

Our blossoming Senshi rose forever unfurling,

Only a prince of the dreaming is worthy of your generous heart,

Oh little pink rose, how we love our darling child,

Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion

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