Vignette Collection: Midnight Secret by Tesh-chan

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:G
Created:2007-12-04 Modified:2007-12-04
Summary:She remembered on a quiet London night...
Midnight Secret

The London lights flew by in a blur as a ribbon of blonde hair streaked through them. Blue shoes clicked as a pair of strong legs leapt lightly from building to building.

Sailor V sat down to rest, her heart pounding, though not from the burst of exercise she just performed. She swept her wet bangs from her eyes and removed her red mask for a moment- the nighttime sky hid her features.

Why was she running?

A deep blush spread across her cheeks.

She remembered. His scent. His smile. Her heart beat faster.

His eyes.


A sudden burst of inspiration thundered down from above and slammed me in the head. XD Thanks so much to my friend from school for coming up with the title with me! :D

Sailor Moon Takeuchi Naoko

Story Tesh : )

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