Vignette Collection: Scent by Tesh-chan

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:G
Created:2007-12-06 Modified:2007-12-07
Summary:It reminded her...

V remembered more as she continued to leap, her blue skirt rippling, with new finesse. His scent.

Was it cologne?

It reminded her of cool nights, much like tonight. It reminded her of dark fields and bright lights, with fireflies drifting about.

It reminded her of the fleeting moments they shared. Her breath caught in her throat, and she stopped moving, touching down on yet another building. She wished that she could spend time with him again.

She had felt so free, so alive. So happy.

The wind caught her long blonde locks and they fluttered around her face and sailor-fuku. If only the wind could carry her to him.

She was blushing again...

She slowly pulled off the red bow from her golden head and let the thick ribbon slip through her fingers to eternally dance with the wind.

“Please, let it fly to him...,” she whispered through flushed lips.


Yay more inspiration! On a roll!

Sailor Moon © Takeuchi Naoko

Story © Tesh : )

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