Vignette Collection: The Strong One by Jessica Pendragon

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:G
Created:2008-04-27 Modified:2008-04-27
Summary:She always thought she was the stronger one.
The Strong One

She always thought she was the stronger one. Her sister was too kind, too forgiving. Lethe often told hers he would have be dead if she wasn't around to watch out for her. Lethe knew they couldn't beat Galaxia alone, so she let that golden goddess of destruction annihilate their home and steal their hearts just so they would still be together, would still be alive. She held the harsher position; her sister would never last five minutes on the river of Oblivion. Strength was staying alive no matter what. She was proud of the fact they had survived this long.

That's why Lethe was so surprised when Mnemosyne stopped her from killing Sailor Moon. Her sister was never violent or demanding, but Mnemosyne had surprised her with the passion she held. Lethe wondered how she never saw how strong her sister had become, or perhaps always was. Mnemosyne stood there with Sailor Moon, the woman who would give up everything she was to make things right. Somewhere in the sands of Oblivion Lethe must have forgot what strength truly was. Strength was standing up for something important no matter the consequences. She was glad she finally remembered at the end, and the last thing she saw was her sister's proud face.

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