Vignette Collection: Ignorance Is... by Jessica Pendragon

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:PG
Created:2008-04-27 Modified:2008-04-27
Summary:Umino prided himself on being in the know.
Ignorance Is...

Umino prided himself on being in the know. He was a walking hub of information and gossip, equations and tabloids. There wasn't anything that he surprised him anymore, for he was always the first to know. There was one secret, however, he wished he never found. Imagine his surprise when he realized his bubbly old friend Usagi, who could barely walk ten feet without tripping, was the super heroine of Japan, Sailor Moon. He looked at her on the broken pavement, her uniform tattered and her body burned. One of her bones poked through her skin, while her eyes were filled with blood and drained of life. He could see her so clearly now, shocked that he had never noticed before how similar the two women truly were. Umino finally knew the greatest secret in all of Tokyo, but there was no one left to tell.

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