Vignette Collection: The Power of Touch by Jessica Pendragon

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:PG13
Created:2008-04-27 Modified:2008-04-27
Summary:As a Youma, Tetis was used to being used.
The Power of Touch

As a Youma, Tetis was used to being used. She knew they were pawns for their Queen; pawns to win a game long overdue. It did not pain her to know that she would not be missed if she were to parish in battle. She was made for that purpose, for vengeance and death, whether it cost her, her life or not. She was just another dark shadow for her queen to pull from the wall, to use at her biding. She knows what she is; she is a monster made for murder. She knows nothing else.

She does not feel the same way now, as he pushes himself inside her. Nothing has changed; she is being used like all the times before, but something stirs within her now. He is rough and passionate, and his warm skin awakens something inside her; an ache deeper than lust and pleasure. It is the desire to be wanted, to be needed-- to be real. She calls out his name as he bites into her tinted skin, but she knows he doesn't do this for her. She knows it in the way he never looks at her as he takes her, never whispers her name in the dark, and the way he turns and leaves her once he is satisfied. And she knows she will never be satisfied until he finally stays, calling out her name in the night.

The other Youma scorn her for her apparent favoritism, but some do not understand blind loyalty to such a harsh man. He treats her cruelly, hits and lashes out at her, but they do not understand. He has given her a taste of humanity with his embrace, a sense of connectedness to the world, instead of being just a mindless piece of the board. She sees only flashes of his dark and hidden feelings before he looks away, but it is enough to awaken hope in her breast. She wants to please him even above their Queen and will give him everything she is without a second thought, for he has touched some lost part of herself that might once have been human. She will do anything for him, and one day she will deserve his affection, his love, even if that means she must die for him.

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