Vignette Collection: Playing the Fool by Jaded Catalyst

Fandom:The Naked Brothers Band Rating:G
Created:2008-05-26 Modified:2008-05-26
Summary:Every song he wrote, he wrote for her. Rosalina wasn’t deaf to the songs she sang, but she could still pretend to be blind to the obvious.
Playing the Fool

Nat Wolff was an undoubtedly brilliant songwriter. Then again, words always came easy to those with the right muses.

He was fortunate enough to have one who was also his best friend. He saw her and the right words always came to mind. She laughed and the bells rang in his head – a perfect melody every time. Nat did not necessarily write his own songs; his muse was the one who brought the music to his mind.

And this was not left unnoticed.

Rosalina knew that the inspiration behind all his songs was actually her. She tried to remain humble about them, pretending not to be flattered by the gesture. She tried to ignore the lyrics and act as if she was oblivious to their meaning. It wasn’t until “Beautiful Eyes” was written that she realized how much she truly cared about the songs he wrote. Never before had she concerned herself so much about anything, and never before had she felt so conceded for it. As grateful as she was to find that the song was indeed written for her, Rosalina still knew that one day, she would have to stop playing the fool.

The more he sang, the harder it got for her to act unaware.

Of course, Rosalina found it strange that she played in a band that sang songs about her, but it was those songs that brought them together in the first place. If Nat had never written those songs about her, then the band would cease to exist, and they would simply go back to their mediocre lives. She would be in high school, and he would be in middle school, an agonizing two year difference in their age forever keeping them apart.

Rosalina feared that if she acknowledged her feelings, then Nat would no longer feel the need to sing for her. The melodies would no longer play in his mind and the words would no longer be carried on the wind of his incredible voice.

The band was an excuse for her to see him every day. As long as she remained humble, he would keep writing. As long as he kept writing, the band would continue to stay together.

Every song they sang was sung for her, and all she could ever do was sing along.

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