Vignette Collection: Rite of Spring by Jessica Pendragon

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:PG
Created:2008-06-01 Modified:2008-06-01
Summary:Nothing is better than the first real day of spring
Rite of Spring

"Nothing is better than the first real day of spring," she says beside him as the sun shines down on their bare skin. There are a few puffy clouds lingering happily in the bright blue sky, and birds relish in the warm air currents, twisting and dancing in ecstasy. His toes still tingle from their recent affair, but she seems to be exhilarated by that and so much more. In a half daze he listens to her words.

"Spring doesn't always come it's told to. Mother Nature still lives by her own time, her own rules." There was a pride in her voice, as if she were that very entity herself. With everything he knew of her, perhaps it was true. He takes his eyes off the skies and turns towards her, watching as she caresses a blade of growing grass. It seems to grow stronger and greener between her fingers. "The first day just sneaks in when no one expects it, and you wake up not knowing boots and coats suddenly went out of season. But I felt it this morning. It was under my skin and in my heart. All day I've felt like the sun has been warming my whole being from the inside out. It's been like waking up from a long sleep. The first day of spring is the best feeling in the world. I'm absolutely alive today."

He had noticed a change in her when she appeared at his door step. Her eyes were impossibly green and shining, her skin already seemingly bronzed by the newborn sun. She had kissed him with a fierce passion, and he could hardly resist when she pulled him into the gardens to make love beneath their golden star. They had never done something so daring in their blossoming romance, but he had no objections when the fire in her eyes began to fill his veins.

Beads of sweat still rested on the back of her bare neck and chest like the early morning dew, and her flushed skin reminds him of sunburns and beach coves. Everyday he tells himself he is so lucky to be with such a flowering goddess. The spark he had felt touching her long ago had turned into an adoring affection over the past few years, and he could never get her out of his mind. Now that he had her, he had no plans of letting her go.

"Don't I make you feel alive?" he asks, making his voice as hurt as he can while still keeping a sparkle of mischief in his stare.

She giggles quietly, winking at him. "Why do you think I came here?"

He reaches up, gently pushing her matted hair away from her cheek and catches that familiar spark once more dancing into his fingers. "You're my first day of spring," he whispers, and kisses her beneath the budding trees and amongst the flowers new with life.

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Review by Loki 2009-08-02

I can see the romantic power here, beauty, tenderness and the lavish color of love as you so wonderfully paint in words that coe alive in pictures, and bea... (more)

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