Vignette Collection: Maybe Next Time by Jaded Catalyst

Fandom:The Naked Brothers Band Rating:G
Created:2008-06-08 Modified:2008-06-08
Summary:They were so close, and yet so far.
Maybe Next Time

They were at it again.

No one ever knew where Nat and Rosalina’s relationship stood. One second, they were flirting with each other and blushing at the very mention of the other’s name. The next second they were at each other’s throats, arguing over something trivial yet somehow significant enough for them to blind themselves to everything else.

The only thing that was sure was how they truly felt about one another. It was painfully obvious, and it was often difficult for their friends to watch them argue and not blurt it out.

But honestly, how could anybody be so blind?

In the end, however, the guys knew that Nat and Rosalina would have to figure themselves out. Interfering could easily make matters worse for them, so they often kept quiet. When the couple was happily getting along, the guys poked, prodded, and teased. When Nat and Rosalina fought, they were the first to exit the room.

This was another one of those times.

Yet another school year was coming to an end. Yet another tour was going to start with a bang on the last day of school. Yet another prom was interfering with everything.

“I told you, Nat, I’m not going to prom!”

“But we cancelled the concert for you. Why aren’t you going?”

The room became an instant oven, and the rest of the band decided it was a good time to start edging slowly towards the doorway.

“I don’t see why you cancelled the concert. I already told you I didn’t want to go.”

The guys were almost at the door. They could practically feel the fresh air on the other side. Soon they would be out of earshot. Just a few more steps.

“I thought it was every girl’s dream!” he snapped.

“It’s not my dream,” she snapped back.

It was exactly what happened last year, and they definitely didn't want to get stuck in the middle of that again. David’s hand gripped the doorknob and he turned it slowly, so that the feuding couple would not notice their friends desperately trying to leave.

“You said that last year, Rosalina! Fine, then. What is your dream?”

The door was wide open, but the guys froze. It was the perfect opportunity for the two to confess their feelings to each other. Everyone knew what Rosalina’s dream was. All she had to do was say it.

“I-,” she hesitated.

They were holding their breaths and leaning in. This was it!

“I don’t know. I don’t have a dream,” Rosalina crossed her arms and looked away.

Several ear-shattering groans of disappointment came from the direction of the doorway. Nat and Rosalina turned to see their friends practically ready to throw themselves off a cliff in frustration.

“What are you guys doing all the way over there?”

The all shook their heads and plodded back into the room.

Rosalina looked at Nat and raised an eyebrow, having completely forgotten about the argument they were in seconds before. “Did we miss something?”

“I think so,” he said, looking just as confused.

Meanwhile, the rest of the guys were recovering from their major disappointment. They had been so close, but once again, the opportunity was put to waste.

Well, there was always next time.

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