Vignette Collection: Steady As A Rock by Bella*Luna

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Created:2008-06-24 Modified:2008-07-09
Summary:What’s even scarier than standing on a stage in front of a crowd of people you don’t know who love you?
  2007 Autumn Challenge Entry (Theme: School)
Steady As A Rock

Jude closed her eyes and breathed. A deep cleansing breath. She had imagined this day all summer but was terrified now that she was here. *What’s even scarier than standing on a stage in front of a crowd of people you don’t know who love you? Walking through the front doors of a school full of people who didn’t like you before you became famous and really loathed you after you hit it big.*

Her brain was working against her. Reminding her, with each step she took toward her destination, that her parents had offered her to be home schooled. The record label had suggested private tutoring. But no, she had to be normal. She wanted to be close to her friends and her family and the people who would, hopefully, be buying her music. That’s why she stayed at home instead of moving to some big city or out of her parents’ house. She needed to be with the people that she loved. She needed to be close to those that knew her best.

Of course, that meant being close to those that hated her too.

The front of the school hadn’t changed. She didn’t know why but she almost expected it to be different. After coming back from a summer on tour a lot of stuff had been different when she returned. But here it stood. The beacon of education. Always steady, always true…

“Hey freak,” said a sandy haired, popular boy, a grade up from Jude as he passed her on the sidewalk.

Always predictable.

Jude smiled despite herself. Yeah, it was scary coming back to people who didn’t like her after being surrounded by people who wanted her autograph and pictures with her, people who wanted nothing more than to talk to her and touch her and hear her music.

“But,” she sighed as she looped her arm through Jamie’s crooked elbow and looked up at him, “it’s good to know some things never change.”

Jamie looked at her with a crooked and confused grin, “What?”

“Nothing,” Jude smiled and shook her head.

Jamie bowed slightly, “Shall we?”

Jude gave him a firm nod and said, “We shall,” as he led her up the stairs to the front doors.


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