Vignette Collection: Store Front by blue

Fandom:Original Fiction Rating:PG
Created:2008-07-20 Modified:2008-07-20
Summary:Small and large tragedies occur while we wish back the days of innocence...
Store Front

When she was nine, she broke up with her first boyfriend in a candy store. They had too much in common: They liked the same cartoons in the afternoon, savored the same types of soda pops and preferred the same kinds of recess activities. They also both wanted the last red lollipop in the store.

She thought he would buy it for her, but despite all their commonalities, he just couldn't read her mind. So when he chose candy over her wants, she dumped him. After all, if he couldn't choose her over a piece of candy then what about other, more important, things? Anyway, she was better off without selfish boys like him! (At least, that's what her older sister always insinuated.)

When she was twenty-nine, she met another man in front of a candy shop. He wore a red-scarf over a worn brown coat. He was also incredibly selfish and couldn’t read her mind, but she had grown dependent and weak, unlike her brash, childhood self.

“Did you do it?” he asked her, brusque and nervous.

“Yes,” she answered quietly, her back to the window she now feared to look through.

Helpless, she watched her white truth puff and melt into the moist air. There, beneath the shelter from the rain, she felt cold and empty. Time had slowed, making room for regret. But there was nothing she could do to change her truth into lies, or bring unwanted children back from the dead.


Theme: Candy Shop
Fandom: Original

Part of the genre_challenge themes, back in the day. I just liked it so much I wanted to dig it up before I lost sight of it. Edited it a bit, but kept it under 250 words, as was the rule then.

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Review by His lordship Chaos 2008-07-22

For a story so seemingly small, the prose is amazingly powerful. Reading this wanted me to know more about her life, and at the same time I felt as if I'd ... (more)

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