Vignette Collection: In the Rain by Jessica Pendragon

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:G
Created:2008-08-04 Modified:2008-08-04
Summary:"Why won’t you give us a chance?"
In the Rain

"Why won't you give us a chance?" He whispers into the rain, seeing her in a scattered view as the drops distort his vision. At least he blames it on the rain. Her dark hair is glistening as she faces away from him, her arms wrapped defensively around each other.

She does not answer.

"I know what we did was wrong, but it was so long ago. People deserve a second chance. I'm sorry for the memories you have, I'm sorry for a lot of things. But you've turned against the ones you love before, too. Can't you understand?"

He swears he can see steam rising off of her, but he can feel the indignant fire burning more than anything. Her rage is better than her silence; it means she at least acknowledges him.

"I understand, and I forgive you. But it does not matter," she says.


"You were unfaithful." He doesn't understand, but she knows that. Everything is always a trick or trap placed with paranoid practice and careful consideration. "You lost faith in us, in our world and our rulers and destiny. No matter what and until my death, I've never given up hope...never given up faith in something pure and perfect."

She turns, emphasizing her painful words with her scorching eyes. "Even now, you're fighting it. Usagi has taught me one thing; this world deserves better, and I deserve better. I don't deserve someone with no faith in what I'm fighting for."

He watches her leave as the rain impacts with the concrete, cold and definite.

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Review by Araya 2008-08-15

You and your Nephrite/Rei addiction!

I love the way you describe Rei's anger and especially her scorching words! I would expect no less fro... (more)
Review by Bella*Luna 2008-08-12

I like the way this feels. I know who they are even though you don't tell us (of course who wouldn't?).

It is angry and sad. I can almost ... (more)

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