Vignette Collection: Where did Mum go? by Sammical

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:G
Created:2008-09-21 Modified:2008-09-21
Summary:Luna wonders where her mother is...
Where did Mum go?

Luna had never actually seen a strackly before, but that was okay because their disillusionment charm was so strong they were usually as good as invisible, if not better. She had heard her mother say that an encounter with one was truly awful. That Luna would never understand how alone and miserable someone would feel if confronted by one.

But now, Luna thought she knew. She knew exactly what her mother had meant. The only person Luna had left in the whole entire world now was daddy. Maybe she should ask him.

Wandering aimlessly, Luna reached the garden where her dad was tending to one of the plants.

“Dad,” she asked.

“Yes love?” he muttered absent mindedly.

“Where did mum go?” A simple question.

“Very far away, love,” he replied sadly.

“That’s what you always say. I want to know more. Where exactly did she go, how did she get there? Why couldn’t I go with her? When’s she coming back?” Luna had started crying now.

“No, baby, don’t cry,” her father tried to console her. “Hush little Luna. Daddy will tell you everything.”

Luna gave a final sniff and then was quiet, impatiently waiting for her father to begin.

“You see Luna, your mum thought she had discovered a great secret. Something that would help the world be a better place. But then, some evil horbongers found out about it. They took her away to a far place and she didn’t want to take you there because that place is full of stracklies and that would make you unhappy. She loved you more than a nargle loves it’s mistletoe and she always will. And she also wanted you to know that whenever wrackspurts fill your head, it means she’s thinking about you,” he finished with a sigh.

“But Dad, I’m miserable now too. So why can’t I be miserable with her?” She asked.

“Because, I need you here, love. You are the plimpie of my lake and the gnome of my garden. I don’t know what I’d do without you,” he replied. The setting sun sparkling on his tear streaked cheeks.

“I love you too dad,” said Luna, hugging her father close “I love you too.”

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