Vignette Collection: Lily the Alchemist by mrsmcclnt

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:PG
Created:2008-09-23 Modified:2008-09-23
Summary:Lily dabbles in something that she shouldn’t
Lily the Alchemist

She ached all over, yet her determination forced her to continue. Ever since Professor Slughorn’s discussion, she couldn’t stop. A theory had been brewing in her mind and she needed to test it. But her experiment had taken longer then she thought, although she felt she was getting closer to a conclusion.

The classroom was still, since she was the only one there – or so she thought.

“Out, again?” Snape moved out from a corner of the classroom.

“Lurking, Severus?” she returned with a bit of sarcasm. Her eyes stayed glued to her bubbling concoction.

“Studying,” he raised his book just before he sat it on the table. Snape looked into the cauldron that she was stirring. “So, you’ve taken to my advice and decided to poison James.”

“No, no. Much better then that,” although she didn’t elaborate. Lily stirred more vigorously then before. Her concentration stayed focused on the liquid inside.

“Shouldn’t you slow down? I’m no expert but it seems like your potion is collapsing under the stress of your… stirring.”

“NO, no. This should work!” She snapped.

This will work! I know it will!

They watched the cauldron’s contents change into all sorts of vibrant colors. Then the mixture faded into a morbid black sludge. It spewed a foul odor that had Snape turn up his nose. He looked over to Lily to see that she had a look of pure joy written across her face.

“I suppose… this…is working??”

“Ever since the discussion on Nicolas Flammel, in potions class, I had this theory brewing in my head,” she said in hushed excitement. Lily pulled out a dead flower from her sack and dipped it into the sludge. “I could see it clearly, but I had to try.”

Snape looked at her intently as she was watched the flower…change.

In front of her eyes, the flower morphed from a lifeless plant into a beautiful, thriving rose. Snape picked up the flower and held it carefully. Lily could tell that he was surprised from the rapid movement in his eyes. However, Snape was rather reserved in expressing any excitement outwardly.

“It goes back to the cycle of life. How things are reborn from death and life renews. It’s really-“

“You produced the Elixir of Life?” he asked cautiously.

“Not exactly.” She gently took the flower from him so she could examine it. “One would need the stone to produce that. I went about it a different way.”

Snape took his wand and sent a spark into the cauldron. The mixture evaporated instantly.


“One should never fiddle around with life and death like some silly school experiment,” he said in a stern, yet hushed voice. “It is dangerous. If someone found out what you have made, it could mark you as a target for those who wish to use you for their own purpose.”

Snape left Lily alone to consider his words.

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