Vignette Collection: Where His Loyalties Lie by mrsmcclnt

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:PG
Created:2008-09-23 Modified:2008-09-23
Summary:Snapes actions proves to Voldemort just how trustworthy he is.
Where His Loyalties Lie

The screaming intensified.

Snape felt he should turn away, but knew it would have been viewed weakness. Draco withered under Voldemort’s curses. He had been torturing the boy for failing him.

Snape looked over to Narcissia, who had remained quiet during her son’s torment. Snape could see her stern composure, but felt her breaking down inside. He sensed how powerless she felt to stop her son’s pain. He also felt the same but did not dare to voice it.

“All you needed to do was kill the old fool! And you had him right there! SO WHAT DID YOU DO?”

Draco knew the question was rhetorical. He just lied there trying not to black out, eyes swirling between his mother and Snape,

“Your father would have attempted the task before failing. BUT YOU SHOWED MERCY!”

Draco screamed loudly as more curses fired from Voldemort’s wand. His anguish was so deafening that it was no wonder that they weren’t discovered.

“BUT SNAPE!” the boy exclaimed. The words caught everyone off guard and caused them to look in the potions master’s direction. “Snape stopped me before I could do it! He robbed me of my goal, killing him before I could!”

Voldemort’s attention focused on Snape. Snape could tell what thoughts were behind his mind; not that he needed Legilimency to see. The boy’s words begged the question: Is this true?

“Perhaps…I was too hasty, Master,” He said. The mood in the room quickly changed to anticipation, as everyone watched Voldemort confront Snape.

“Perhaps?” Voldemort forked tongue peeked between his teeth. Snape kept his eyes level and his head slightly lower than his.

Snape took a deep breath as he summoned the right words, “I know how important it was for you to have him killed. When I arrived, I could sense that his pleas were just a subliminal trap that Dumbledore uses to confuse his enemies.”

Loud chatter rose within the room.

“That is a lie!” Bellatrix stepped forward with her accusation. “There was no subliminal mind tap going on! I would have-“

“HOW COULD YOU HAVE KNOWN?” Snape turned his head slightly in her directly, but kept his focus on Voldemort. “Dumbledore is a much stronger wizard then you! Remember how he defeated you when you failed to retrieve the prophecy?” The loud chatter continued as Bellatrix began to shrink at his subtle reminder. “You’ve been in Azkaban for so long that your mind could not see the trap behind his weakness! I had no choice but to step in and finish it! Or the mission would have failed… AGAIN!”


“SILENCE!” Voldemort kept his eyes on Snape as he raised his voice. Bellatrix stepped behind Narcissia, who still looked down at her son. Voldemort stepped over Draco’s body as he made his way to his chair. “There has been much talk of your allegiance, Severus. I must admit that I had my doubts about your loyalty.” Again, the chatter ensued, but Voldemort raised his hand for silence. “Today, however, you have laid to rest any doubts I had about you. Your actions in the tower proved to me how trustworthy you are.”

Silenced still filled the room, yet the expression on everyone’s faces at Voldemort’s words spoke volumes. Snape was rather surprised, since it’s generally known that the Dark Lord trusts no one.

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