Vignette Collection: Sirius Innuendos by mrsmcclnt

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:PG13
Created:2008-09-23 Modified:2008-09-23
Summary:Lily has second thoughts about James’ friend.
Sirius Innuendos

His nails raked against her soft thighs. His hands trailed its way to the sweet spot at the small of her back.

He knew he’d reached it as he felt her mouth open wider against his lips, allowing a moan to escape her body.

“Eric, We shouldn’t!” she panted.

“I can’t keep watching you with him, Rose! I know he’s my friend-“

“He’s your best friend!"

“I can’t!” He was at lost for words as her perfume overwhelmed him.

“Light reading?” He asked sarcastically. Lily was startled to hear Sirius Black’s voice from the stillness of the Library.

“Just studying,” she said as she propped the huge book higher to conceal the novel. “Where’s your musketeers or stooges?”

“Marauders: James, Remus, and Peter. They’ve gotten detention.”

“And you didn’t?” she asked.

“I was,” he cleared his throat, “busy.” Lily raised an eyebrow then turned back to her book. “You know she leaves him; Rose leaves Eric.”

Lily looked shocked and angered, “What? Where you-”

“Eric was such a cad that she had no choice but to let him go,” Sirius replied quickly. “As much as she was cheating on David with Eric, Eric was cheating on her with one of her girlfriends. But you couldn’t actually call it cheating since they didn’t have a commitment to each other anyways.”

She was amazed to hear this from him. Yet she was more amazed that she was engaging him in this conversation, “So you don’t think there is anything wrong with what Eric was doing behind his friend’s back?”

“Rose didn’t make her choice until after she caught Eric with Jessica. After that, she made the commitment to be with David. So before then, it was all fair in love and war.”

She felt intrigued by his answer, “So then, would you steal a girl from one of your best friends?” Her eyes pried deep into his. But she felt a little uncomfortable as she saw that he was matching her gaze.

Silenced filled the conversation. Sirius made a sideway glance then looked back at Lily, “I’m not in a position to say. I would like to think not, but you never know. At the moment, no one has stepped forward to lay claim on Remus, Peter, or James,” he winked at her as he said the last name.

“ And, ” he paused even more as he consider his words carefully, “I have yet to met a girl who is as beautiful, strong, or as even tempered as you are.” There was silence again as he kept his gaze on her. But before he left her table, he flicked his wand at her book, which caused the pages to turn. “Good day, Ms. Evans.”

Loathing and curiosity mingled within her. As she turned back to her book she noticed that the story picked up at the height of a passionate love scene between Rose and Eric.

She felt herself blush.

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