Vignette Collection: Slytherin Pride by mrsmcclnt

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:G
Created:2008-09-23 Modified:2008-09-23
Summary:Draco gets an unexpected gift.
Slytherin Pride

“I swear the old man is off his rocker,” Draco spouted. “He’s so obsessed with Muggles that he’s forcing us to do their stupid traditions.”

“What exactly is it again?” asked Pansy.

“We\'re suppose to be Secret Santas,” he said.

“Well that should be easy for us,” she cooed as she grasped his arm.

“It would be if it were just our house. But it’s all houses.”

“All houses?” Crabbed asked with a befuddled look.

“Isn’t that what I said, you stupid bloke! We are being this ‘Secret Santa’ to anyone in the school: Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Gryffindor!”

The Slytherin gang met up in Great Hall to watch all the excitement from the gathering students. Everyone got to their tables and dove into the feast that awaited them.

“So who did you get?” Pansy asked Draco.



“Yeah. I got him a light bulb… so that he can get a clue,” Draco sneered.

“Well, it will be interesting to see who got you. I hope the gift is worthy, ” she blabbed. But Draco couldn’t hear her sucking up to him. He was too busy watching Hermione laugh with her friends.

Just before the frenzy hit its peak, Dumbledore stood up and addressed his students. “Before we begin, as you receive your gifts from your secret Santa, let us be reminded of the great friendship that founded this school centuries ago. I’m sure the four Founders gathered in this hall and celebrated together as friends should. So in the interest of house unity, I hope that you will take the spirit of this occasion and make new friends here and elsewhere.”

Draco just rolled his eyes through his speech. But once the Headmaster was done, the owls swooped in and dropped their gifts to their intended.

There were good gifts received that night. A few Gryffindors smiled awkwardly at the unexpected kindness from their Slytherin Santas. Collin Creevy looked ecstatic as he screwed in the new light bulb into his camera

“Thanks! It needed a new flash!” he boasted then promptly took Draco’s picture. The bright light from the flash temporarily blinded Draco. When he was able to focus, he noticed a large book had dropped into his lap.

“What this?” he mumbled. As he opened to the first page, he recognized the familiar feminine handwriting that was addressed to him.

For some reason it made sense for me to give this. As soon as I read the title, I knew it fitted you perfectly.

Despite its author being a Muggle, I would hope that your Pride and Prejudice doesn’t prevent you from reading this Jane Austen classic.

Happy Holidays.

As he looked up, Hermione gave him a smile and a slight tilt of her head. Considering how much they bicker, the gesture was nice.

“What did you get?”

“No of your business, you oaf!” Draco pushed Crabbed away as he got up from the table.

He was anxious to start reading.

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