Vignette Collection: Darkness of the Night by cwiddy

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:G
Created:2008-09-28 Modified:2008-09-28
Summary:Despair finally over comes Tonks as she suffers with her love of Remus
Darkness of the Night




Rain pattered on the windowpane. Darkness encompassed the night as Nymphadora Tonks tumbled up to the door. She entered as quietly as she could and headed towards her room. Recently she moved back home with her parents having too much to do between work as an Auror and assignments for the Order of the Phoenix to keep up her own apartment. Plus she had been injured the previous spring during a battle at the Department of Mysteries and her mother had wanted her nearer to home while she recuperated.

Once in her room, Tonks backed up to the door and braced herself against it. She was drenched from the rain, but did not even feel it. Deep depression had slowly darkened her world. Her normally bright colored hair had recently been sinking into a mousy brown. The bright smile that normally played across her face was noticeably missing. Her twinkling eyes were now dull and often red from unshed tears.

Why does Remus keep rejecting me? Am I that unworthy of him? While she was recovering from her injuries he had visited practically every day. His sturdiness and spirit that shined through his cursed life had stolen her heart. He claims that he is unworthy of anyone’s love. He claims that he is much too old for me. He claims that he is much too dangerous to ever find love. Did he not see that all those were excuses and that she was willing and able to take any risk to be with him?

Finally she was pushed over the edge. She fell to her knees. Tears tumbled out, unleashed by despair and torment. She crumbled and sobs shook her soul. Loving arms encircled her and Andromeda pulled her daughter up. She had watched in heartache as her daughter struggled. She knew that some night she would break, but also knew the strength that ran through Dora’s blood. She needed to shed these tears in order to washout her despondence. Then she would pick herself up and fight for what she knew was the truth. Andromeda knew that Dora would make Remus see. It was only a matter of time.

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