Vignette Collection: First Day at Durmstrang by cwiddy

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:G
Created:2008-09-28 Modified:2008-09-28
Summary:What would the first day at Durmstrang be like?
First Day at Durmstrang

Birgit Rayner quickly moved into the classroom. She was nervous about her first day of classes, but especially nervous because her very first class was Dark Arts. Her older brother had told her of all the dark curses, jinx, hexes, and spells they would have to perform on each other. He also told her about the evil potions they would brew. The thing that scared her the most is the magical creatures they would be meeting. She feared the werewolf and vampire the most.

She was one of the first students to arrive, wanting to get a seat in the middle of the room, not too close to the front or back in hopes that she would be called upon less by sitting there. Nissa, one of her roommates approached and asked to sit next to Birgit. Birgit could feel a kinship with Nissa already. She knew they would be good friends here at Durmstrang.

“Are you nervous at all Nissa? Lars, my older brother, told me about the curses and potions we would have to make in this class. I’m not sure I want to learn all of that!” Birgit told her friend.

“There is a lot of evil in the world. Someday I want to become an Auror so that I can capture evil wizards. In order to do that I need to understand as much about the Dark Arts as I can. Grindelwald may not have caused so much havoc if more people understood the Dark Arts,” replied Nissa.

“I guess you are right. Maybe I would have known my Grandfathers if Grindelwald had never gotten as powerful as he did.” Birgit smiled at her new friend. “Do you known anything about our professor?”

“I have heard that she has experienced many dark things but teaches now so that the students will not have to learn the hard way, like she did,” Nissa answered.

The classroom was filling up and a side door that Birgit had not seen before swung open and out stepped a figure wrapped in a dark blue cape. The person moved to the head of the room as all eyes followed. When the figure reached the front of the room, it turned around. The class went silent. The hood of the cape fell back and the students all gasped as they saw a woman who may once have been beautiful, but now had scars across her face and neck.

“Good morning class. I am Ylwa Himanka. I will be your professor for Dark Arts. And yes, I am a werewolf,” the figure at the head of the room said in a raspy voice as she took the cloak off and hung it on the peg next to the desk.

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