Vignette Collection: In the Looking Glass by cwiddy

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:PG13
Created:2008-09-28 Modified:2008-09-28
Summary:Sarah is trying on jewelry that is not her own, she’ll soon regret her actions.
In the Looking Glass

Sarah sat with the beautiful necklace upon her knee. Her father had found it in a wardrobe that had once belonged to her Great-Aunt. Her Aunt had been found years before dead with the necklace about her neck. No one knew where she had gotten it, but it had been packed up with the rest of her belongings and put in the attic.

Sarah went to visit her Aunt frequently as a child as she loved to explore her old house. She also remembered her Aunt having some strange friends when she was a little girl. One in particular stood out in her mind because he always gave her a feeling of chills going up and down her spine. He always dressed in black and wore a cape. She once even saw him with a pointed hat on his head…and it wasn’t even All Hallows Eve.

She had always believed that man had given her Aunt the necklace as a parting gift. He had been by to visit and her Aunt had become cross with him and thrown him out of her house. The next week a package had arrived in the mail. Sarah had never seen what was in the package, but the next day is when her Aunt had been found. Not a mark upon her body but very much dead. Most of her belongings had been given to Sarah as her favorite niece.

Sarah was now cleaning out her parent’s attic, her mother having recently passed away from a heart attack. These belongings from her Aunt had been long forgotten until now. Sarah moved towards the dusty looking glass in the corner as she opened the clasp to the necklace. She placed the necklace around her neck and closed the clasp. As it shut around Sarah’s neck, it began to glow red. In the mirror Sarah saw what looked like the strange man who had been friends with her Aunt.

“Magic does exist, Muggle. Not all of it is evil, although you have the misfortune of crossing the wrong wizard. May the beauty attract many young women in your family and bring them death just like it has you. May your God find more worth in your soul then I did.” The man faded from the mirror. Sarah had reached for the clasp immediately when the words were first beginning, but the clasp would not open. The necklace then began to glow green and Sarah almost thought she heard the words, “Avada Kedavra,” as life faded from her green eyes and she fell to the floor at the foot of the looking glass.

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