Vignette Collection: Into the Mind by cwiddy

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:PG
Created:2008-09-28 Modified:2008-09-28
Summary:Tom Riddle has a new spell to practice using.
Into the Mind

16 year old Tom Riddle returned to the common room. In his bag was a book he had been attempting to get since framing that oaf Hagrid for the death of that Ravenclaw girl to keep Hogwarts open. Spells of the Mind by Nimue Freud was a book from the restricted section of the library. Normally this book would not be lent to a student who was not of age, but Tom had been very persuasive to Professor Ruthven, his Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. He had convinced her that reading about these spells could do no harm. It had taken a while, but after his performance today in performing the Patronus Charm, she had finally relented and signed the permission form for him to obtain the book.

Tom had realized that even though he had mastered the use of Occlumency, he just could not figure out how to do Legilmency. He needed this book to learn. He could achieve so much more if he could see into the minds of those around him.

He moved to his favorite corner table for a bit of reading. Opening the book to the appropriate section, he read

Legilmency literally meaning ‘mind-reading’, is a spell that allows the caster to see into the minds and to read the emotions of someone else. The spell is stronger when physically near the person the caster is attempting to read and when the target is at ease, off-guard, or relaxed. Eye contact is also needed by many casters.

The use of Legilmency is not restricted, but is considered a violation of other people’s privacy. Only those who are of age and who can deal with the consequences of seeing into the minds of others should learn the spell. Responsible use of the spell is highly recommended.

Tom sat and pondered what he had just read. It may take me a little time and practice, but this spell will have many uses. Now I just have to start practicing. I will have to learn to do this spell silently or I’ll give myself away. Just like Occlumency, which I mastered several years ago. Tom looked around the common room for his first victim.

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