Vignette Collection: Light from Dark by cwiddy

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:PG
Created:2008-09-28 Modified:2008-09-28
Summary:Ginny Weasley is trying to save a man’s life. Sometimes even Darkness can save someone.
Light from Dark

The healer was at a loss. The unknown man was dying, poison running through his blood stream and there was no cure. The bezoar she gave him did not even work. Whatever the Death Eaters had given him was something new and very deadly. She was amazed that he was even still alive.

“Ginny, I’ve got to see Ginny!” the man exclaimed. The first coherent words out of his mouth…but then he lapsed into unconsciousness again.

All their spells showed that the man’s blood had high amounts of poison in it, but only his blood. They were at a loss as to how to help the man. None of their spells helped him. He had a very high temperature and had been unconscious until he yelled for Ginny, whom that was, the healer did not know. The identity of the man was also unknown. The current war had left many anonymous patients on the doorstep of St. Mungos. So many of these victims did not live long enough for the healers to even attempt to help them, she could only assume that this man had a strong will to survive.

“Healer Thomas, I have an idea on how to help this man, but it is a bit unconventional, and could be dangerous,” a young healer intern said approaching her mentor.

“We are at a loss for ideas, so I can at least listen to your ideas,” Healer Thomas said to the younger woman.

“Well, since the poison only appears to be in his blood, what if we could find a way to remove his contaminated blood, and then give him new, unpoisoned blood? A vampire could possibly do it…as the poison should not affect it…and we could do as Muggles do and have some other clean blood ready to immediately transfer into him,” the intern said with some hesitation. “The problem would be to find a vampire willing to save a man’s life instead of take it. It could also have the side effect of turning this man into a vampire…especially if he tastes some of the vampires blood himself.”

Healer Thomas’s mouth dropped open…but the more the young healer spoke, the more her idea made sense. “I think I know just the vampire to call…this may just work!”

An hour later found a woman wrapped in a dark cloak leaving the patient’s room. “It isn’t often that I can do some good with my curse, but that man may just live…without this curse being upon him. I’d be interested to hear how this story ends. I have to admit that was a great tasting dinner,” the raspy voice said from under the cloak to the intern.

“Thank you for helping. We’ll be sure to let you know how things end,” said the intern with fear in her voice.

“Please do not fear me. I did not become like this voluntarily. I’m just glad that some good came from it, or at least I hope it did. Healer Thomas knows how to reach me,” said the vampire as she quickly left.

“Healer Thomas, did it work?” asked the intern of her mentor when she came from the room.

“The man will survive; he is just asleep for now. His body has been through a lot.”

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