Vignette Collection: Mysteriously Ill by cwiddy

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:PG
Created:2008-09-28 Modified:2008-09-28
Summary:Healers have to deal with many illnesses, sometimes those of the mind are the hardest.
Mysteriously Ill

Healer Aria McFadden Weasley moved towards Healer Thomas. “Healer Thomas, there has to be more to this story then his mother has told us,” Aria said to the older healer. “I just can’t understand why he is here every other week, with all these weird symptoms. After he is here a few days he always seems to get better. Could there be something his mother is not telling us?” she asked of her mentor.

“This case is quite disturbing Aria. I have never seen a child have this wide a range of symptoms in such a short amount of time. We have treated him for rashes, for vomiting, for vanishing limbs, for seizures, for fevers, for turning his organs inside out, and for loosing all his hair. Always his mother denies that he has gotten hold of a wand. I have a horrible feeling about this case, but I cannot go making accusations just yet. I wander if this mother would allow a home visit. It could answer a lot of our questions,” Healer Thomas said to her apprentice.

“I can ask,” Aria said, nodding as she turned to return to the 4 year old boy’s room. She returned in less then a minute. “The mother was a bit shocked at the request, but said that if we wanted we could come by the house.”

“We will go home with her tonight then,” Healer Thomas said. Aria was a bit taken back by this news, but returned to the room to inform the mother.

A few hours later the two healers returned to the hospital, the young boy was with them. Aria was pale and had a forced smile on her face as she handed the boy over to one of St. Mungos many volunteers to go to a play room. When the boy was out of hearing, Aria turned back to the older healer.

“Why did you suspect that his mother was poisoning him? I don’t understand. Why would anyone do something as despicable as that?” Aria said.

“I have seen Munchhausen’s by proxy before. In fact I was a victim of this psychological disorder. My own mother poisoned me, but as a Muggleborn it was not as easy to prove as it was just now. It was almost confirmed to me by the mother’s reaction to us going home with her today. I saw how pale she became and then how angry. She did not want to be found out. I hope that a bit of time spent away from her son and a bit of treatment that she will be able to have supervised visits with her son. I’m sure that the first time her son got sick it was real. Some of these people like the attention that the illness gets them, some like to see the reaction of the child to different things, but all need help.” Healer Thomas had a haunted look in her eyes. She turned away and walked into her office closing the door behind her.

Aria knew to leave things rest for now. She could not wait to get home to George’s waiting arms.

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