Vignette Collection: The Snake’s Lesson by cwiddy

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:G
Created:2008-09-28 Modified:2008-09-28
Summary:Can a Parseltongue use her talents for good?
The Snake’s Lesson

Ariana Peverell would never have believed as a teenager that one day her unique ability would get her a job at the Ministry of Magic.

When she was six years old Ariana had been running through her family's yard and tripped. She had knocked the air out of herself and when she opened her eyes, found herself face to face with a little garter snake. This scared her quite a bit, but not nearly as much as it scared the snake. Much to both of their surprise she understood the little snake when it said "please don't see me, please don't see me...leave me in peace!"

Ariana jump when she realized she had heard the snake. "Please don't be afraid, I guess I'm about as scared of you as you are of me," she told the snake.

"What do you have to fear? You are much bigger then me," the snake exclaimed.

"Well, many snakes bite or are poisonous," Ariana replied to the snake.

"I'm not poisonous and as long as you leave me alone I won't bite," the snake said.

That had been the beginning. When Ariana first told her parents about this encounter they had been shocked and scared to find that she was a Parselmouth but soon they discovered the advantages. Ariana even saved her father's life by speaking to a rattle snake they came upon in the woods once. She saved her brother from a Runespoor on a different occasion when he had accidentally stepped on its tail.

Now Ariana had earned herself a job as an intern at the Department of Magical Creatures because of this unique ability. The knowledge she brought with her because of that fateful discussion with all three heads of the Runespoor that day with her brother had shed light on this most mysterious of snakes. Ariana had been interested in working with creatures of all sorts since she discovered her talent with snakes and this was a dream come true. Now she had the opportunity to work with creatures of all shapes and sizes, and to use her talent that often was considered dark for good.

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