Vignette Collection: From the Shadows by cwiddy

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:PG13
Created:2008-09-28 Modified:2008-09-28
Summary:Every Dark Lord or Lady starts somewhere. Where might the next Dark Lady come from?
From the Shadows

Accalia Caelan crept forward. The wolf was on the prowl. Someone was hunting in her territory and would pay for the infraction, the trespass. She moved through the woods. She was unafraid because she was in her own territory. Some of her followers had been found dead. Some had disappeared. Her power was just beginning to bloom and no one was going to steal that away from her.

Ahead she saw a figure standing at the end of the path that led towards her house. Before he forfeited his life, he would explain himself. Her wand was before her and she stood close enough to caste her spell, but far enough away that she could step into the shadows if needs be. “So you come to face me at last,” she inquired of the dark figure.

“I have faced you many times, dear sister. Someone needs to stop your darkness from spreading. How did you fall so far from the path Father and Mother placed before us?” her sister said as she turned around.

Accalia stood in shock just a moment before replying, “Ariana, you were the last person I expected to see. So, it is you who moves against me. Join me. Together we can be a force that none would withstand!” she asked of her twin sister.

Ariana started to laugh. Then she said, “Accalia, that is the name I hear you go by now, my sister died when she decided to try to take over the wizarding world. How far are you willing to go?”

“I will do anything I have to, Ariana. It seems to me that you are the murderer of the family. I can use someone who is unafraid to kill,” Accalia tried to persuade her sister one last time.

“You brought about those deaths, even if not done by your own hand. Evil needs to be stopped, and yes, sometimes that results in death. The others are locked away in Azkaban. I am an Auror, Accalia. It is my job to stop all those who would threaten freedom and the rest of wizarding kind.”

“You are a fool Aria. I am not afraid to kill you. You may be my twin, but it seems our paths have taken us in opposite directions,” Accalia cackled as her wand rose once more.

“No, Accalia, you are the fool.” Arianna raised her own wand and moved closer to Accalia.

Avada Kedavra ” Accalia screeched as she moved towards Arianna. Her sister crumpled to a pile at her feet. “Foolish girl, even you did not have the power to sway me in my climb towards power.” She said as she kicked dirt up over her now dead twin sister

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