Vignette Collection: Recruitment by cwiddy

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:PG13
Created:2008-09-28 Modified:2008-09-28
Summary:Every Dark Lord or Lady has a way for his/her followers to prove their devotion...

Accalia Caelan paced her library thinking. I now have a name worthy of a Dark Lady, but I need to recruit people to follow me. There are always several layers to organizations such as these. The lowest level is the petty minions who often times do not even know that they are working for a higher organization. They go about their jobs oblivious to the evil they are assisting to raise into the world.

The next layer organizes the petty minions, although they aren’t much better themselves. They often have at least an inkling that they are part of something bigger then themselves, but perform many of the dirtiest tasks…at least the ones that can be trusted to them.

Then there is the outer circle who definitely know they are part of something, but haven’t yet earned trust of ruler. She may or may not even know of his or her existence.

The last layer is the inner circle. Those who have earned the most trust of the ruler. They are frequently the most dangerous to deal with because many will stab even the ruler in the back for want of power.

How to organize these minions? The lowest level needs no organization and little to no trust. The next layer needs to prove some loyalty, at least to the outer circle. They need to be tested.

I am the she-wolf, a nurture of my pack, but relentless to all those who threaten my land, people, and power. The lower minions will need to prove their worth, to be above the petty minions. They will need to make an Unbreakable Vow, an oath “To protect the pack and serve the Lady.”

To become a member of the Outer Circle, they will need to be tested harder. These minions will need to strengthen their vow and to undergo a truth telling ceremony. Lady Accalia will not allow any to gain closer access to her that cannot be trusted. They will vow “To protect and serve the Lady’s interests” and be interrogated after being given a truth serum by a Legilimens from Accalia’s inner most circle. Any traitors will not survive the experience.

To become a member of the Inner Circle, the minions will be sleep deprived for 3 days and nights, then interrogated by Lady Accalia herself, who is a respected Legilimens, and then either killed as a traitor, or marked with the Wolf Claw on the back of their right shoulder.

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