Vignette Collection: Something so Innocent by cwiddy

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:G
Created:2008-09-28 Modified:2008-09-28
Summary:Ariana Dumbledore wants to join her brothers in play, but they don’t want the younger girl to tag along.
Something so Innocent

The five year old girl had braided hair that flew behind her as she raced after her older brothers who were walking down the road carrying their riding brooms. "Albus, Aberforth, wait for me!!" she called as she tried to catch up to them.

"Go home Ariana! Iíll play with you tonight," exclaimed six year old Aberforth. "You should be at home playing with your dolls."

"Aberforth is right Ariana; we are going to Archie's to see the new baby goats that were born yesterday. I promised Aberforth I would take him with me to see them. You don't need to be tagging along," said nine year old Albus.

"I love baby animals! Please let me come. Mother said I needed to get out from under foot, all I wanted to do was to help her bake pies, but she said she didn't have time for such nonsense, that I was too slow because I couldn't do it with magic. Daddy is busy in the shed working on some magical experiment and said I couldn't watch," Ariana begged her older brothers.

"After we leave Archie's we are going to go play Quidditch with Archie, Patrick, Henry, and Arthur. We won't have time to bring you home and no girls are playing. You can't fly a broom anyway. Go home Ariana," said Albus with impatience in his voice.

Ariana turned around a frown upon her face. Tears welled up and she ran towards her favorite play space. "No one has time to play with me. Mom and Dad say I can't help because I don't know enough magic. Albus and Aberforth say that I'm a girl so can't play. I'll show them all. I learn enough magic that they'll have to let me help. Maybe I'll practice flying Aberforth's broom. He is leaving it lying around a lot. Then I'll be a great Quidditch player and they'll want me to play with them!"

She ran towards the house to find her grandmother's old wand to begin practicing magic since her brother's had their brooms with them.

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