Vignette Collection: Love Over Blood by mrsmcclnt

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:G
Created:2008-10-06 Modified:2008-10-06
Summary:Andromeda Black makes a fresh start as she says goodbye.
Love Over Blood

She waved her wand to cause her luggage to appear. She waved it once more to move all her things into their compartments. She was tired of having the same argument with her family. And with Ted purposing to her, she knew it was only a matter of time before her face gets blasted off the family tree.

“Andy?” The familiar face of her sister appeared in her doorway. She looked concerned as he saw all the moving objects packing themselves away.

“Cissy, don’t start.”

“Start? But, what’s all this?” Her hand waved wildly around her panic stricken face.

“I’m leaving, Cissy.”

“But –!”

“Ted has asked me to marry him. And I’ve accepted!” Her tone was resolute as she made her statement.

“You can’t marry him! He’s a Mu-!”

“HE IS A MAN - THE MAN THAT I LOVE! Why can’t it be that simple?”

Narcissa crossed the room to her sister’s side, “Our family prides itself on keeping our bloodline pure!”

“Oh spare me Voldemort’s rhetoric!”

Lord Voldemort’s views are sound in judgment! They make a lot more sense then what you are doing right now!” Narcissia grabbled Andromeda’s hands. She looked imploringly into her eyes. “Sister, there are so few pureblood families left in our world. With Muggles and Mudblood infiltrating our society, soon our ways will be extinct.”

Andromeda looked amazed as she stepped away from her. “Merlin, Cissy! Do you really believe that? Do you not have enough sense to hear what you’re saying- to think for yourself?”

She was incensed with rage as she kicked her sister’s shoes into one of the bags. “I know when to be loyal, Andy! We come from The Nobel House of Black! Are you so quick to turn your back on the family that loves you?”

Andromeda stood there feeling shaken by her words. “This was never quick, Cissy. This had been coming for a long time. I’m just now getting to this point where I know I must leave.” The last of her things finally made it’s way into the cart. With another wave of her wand, her luggage made their way out of her home. Andromeda put on her coat and followed behind her things.

“Andy! Wait!”

She turned to give her sister a tight hug. “No matter what they say about me, Cissy, you know that I’ll always love you and our family.” She released her trembling body and continued her exit. She could hear Narcissia’s cries over her own, but she never turned around to face her.

She never looked back.

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