Vignette Collection: First Time Flyer by mrsmcclnt

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:G
Created:2008-10-06 Modified:2008-10-06
Summary:Tonks makes a new friend.
First Time Flyer

The little girl looked nervously out side the terminal window. He face stayed glued to the glass as she watched the different planes take off and land on the airport’s runway.

“Sweetie, its almost time,” her mother said, which caused the little girl to feel more nervous. She sat in her chair as she waited to board the plane.

“Why so glum, love?” asked a voice beside her. The little girl looked over to see a beautiful young woman with pink hair.

“I’ve never been on a plane before.”

“Really?” the woman asked. The girl shook her head in agreement. “Well it’s nothing to it, dear. You just get on and the rest takes care of itself. You’ll be there in no time.”

“But how does the plane stay up in the air for so long?” the girl asked.

“By magic, dear.”


The woman smiled at her question. She showed the little girl a man standing on the tarmac with two orange cones in his hands. “Those orange thingy’s in his hands are specially made wands that help lift the plane off the ground.”

“Then how does it stay up?” inquired the little girl.

“Well, there are special flyers that hang out in the clouds to make sure it stays up in the air?” replied the pink haired woman. The girl looked rather skeptical, but still kept smiling at the nice lady.

“Its time to go, dear,” her mother beckoned.

The girl looked back to her new friend, but couldn’t find her face or her bright pink hair. She gathered her doll and took her mother’s hand as she boarded the plane.

As the woman said, the plane took off from the ground. Within moments their were climbing to maximum altitude before tapering off their ascent to cruising speed. The little girl’s worried face was plastered on the window, hoping that their plane wouldn’t fall out of the sky.

But her hope was soon bolstered as she passed through the clouds and saw the familiar face of her pink haired friend.

The pink haired lady smiled and waved from her broomstick as she watched the girl pass by.

“Mommy! Mommy! Look!!” The girl pulled her mother to the window to show her friend. But her mother saw nothing outside the window.

“Yes, dear. We are high up,” she said to her daughter just before she returned to her cocktail.

The little girl smiled as she waved back to the lady. She then sat back in her seat and got comfortable for the rest of her flight home.

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