Vignette Collection: Foresight by mrsmcclnt

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:G
Created:2008-10-06 Modified:2008-10-06
Summary:Tonks knew her father was dead long before anyone had told her.

She tossed back and forth within her nightmare, listening to the evil cacklings of a mad woman. The place was so dark that couldn’t see what was so funny. But from the woman’s laughter, she knew there was nothing humorous about the situation.

“So how is your lovely daughter, Ted? I heard she was expecting puppies!” She could hear the grunts of an old man being snuffed out from his protests. “You know, I’d never thought I would enjoy this so immensely.”

She heard her walk around the room, possibly circling her victim like vultures do their meals. “Do you realize, Ted, that you were the first half breed I’ve ever really hated? You destroyed my home and broke my family’s spirits when you took Andromeda away.”

“I took her no where! She was always there for her family! But you people wanted nothing to do with-!”

CURCIO!” cried the mad woman.

“You filled Andromeda with your filth then made her give birth to a filthy half breed child, who in return is giving birth to a monster!”

“YOU SELFISH B*****-!”


Her heart raced as she desperately searched the darkness for him.

“It’s no matter. You’re kind with your vile will no longer have a place in the new world the Dark Lord is making. Our race will be pure once more, as it should. Like it should have always been.”

Suddenly she heard a new type of laughter. It sounded tired but was very jovial - almost delirious.

“Oh, Bellatrix. Did you think we would just go away quietly? That you and You-Know-Who could just push us aside? There is too much good left in this world to let that happened. There was too much good in Andromeda that wouldn’t believe the foul things your family were preaching.”

And just like that, a bright green light appeared. There was no more laughter from either.

Nymphadora Lupin shot straight up, dripping in sweat, clutching her pillow tightly. She sat quietly in the middle of her bed as her tears rolled down her heart shaped face.

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