Vignette Collection: Silver Linings by Cheshlin

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:G
Created:2008-10-07 Modified:2008-10-07
Summary:Luna watches her friends during Dumbledore’s funeral and finds a silver lining where there seemed to be none.
Silver Linings

Luna watched as Harry met Ginny’s eyes and proceeded to have a very serious conversation with her. A gut feeling told her that Harry was pushing Ginny away for her own good. Professor Dumbledore’s death cut Luna straight to the heart. What was the wizarding world going to do without his guidance, especially with the war escalating? Luna knew that he would only be gone when those that knew and loved him forgot what they had learned from Professor Dumbledore, but by only having memories to guide them left them blinded.

Luna squeezed Neville’s hand and handed him another handkerchief. She turned and watched Minister Scrimgeour follow Harry around the lake. Wondering what the vampire wanted of Harry, she hoping it wasn’t a snack. Starting to get up, she paused when she saw Ron and Hermione following Harry. He would be safe with them that close behind. Neville needed her support right now anyhow. They had found a special friendship in the past few years. Neither asked for more then friendship. Luna knew that she would meet someone that loved chasing the stories for the Quibbler as much as she did. Neville was too caught up in his plants and such.

“Come along Neville. We should head back towards the castle. I need to pack my things that have shown up today. The train leaves right after that.” Helping Neville to his feet, she headed back towards the castle.

The thing that bothered her most about the happenings of the past few days was Professor Snape getting blamed for killing Dumbledore. Luna had the suspicion that Professor Snape had been under the spell of an imper dipus, a lizard like creature that was invisible except during the full moon. They were known to make people that were bitten by them do things that went against their will. There was no doubt in her mind that Professor Snape would never willingly kill Dumbledore. She had overheard a conversation between Professor Dumbledore and Professor Snape that proved that to her. They had been coming out of the forbidden forest and Professor Snape was trying to talk Professor Dumbledore out of making him keep his word to follow orders. Professor Snape had said he would rather die then cause any harm to Professor Dumbledore. Luna had no doubt in her mind that he meant it.

Luna faced Neville in the general direction of the Gryffindor common room. “You’ll have to manage from here by yourself. I don’t have time to walk you there. We’ll meet again at the train.” Her dreamy voice was more serious then it usually was.

Neville nodded in understand, with tears still streaming down his face. Luna and he both hoped that school would be open next year. It was the only place they had a chance of being involved with the DA again. The DA had given them both a sense of self and knowledge that they had never felt before. Hurrying to make sure everything got into her trunk, she smiled dreamily about the possibility of being of help to Harry in the future. That was the silver lining to the disastrous events of the past few weeks. Luna felt that she had something to offer to the war and fight, even if it was just keeping positive about the future.

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