Vignette Collection: Escape by cwiddy

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:G
Created:2008-10-09 Modified:2008-10-09
Summary:Aurora has finally realized the danger of being a Death Eater. Can she escape?

Aurora stood in the darkened room. She needed to get home, back to her sister and father. She had been such a fool! She had to make it home to at least apologize and hope that she was still low enough in the Death Eaters that she would make it out alive.

Many of the Death Eaters had remembered her mother. It had given her a bit of an easier time in gaining a bit of respect with the Death Eaters. She had even met Voldemort once. The Dark Mark on her arm was proof of that encounter. The pain of its placement still lingered in her memory.

The extreme Evil of the Death Eaters had somehow escaped Aurora’s notice until the last few days. She had somehow thought that they represented power, not evil. A cloud had covered her brain, but after seeing them torture the Granger girl, she knew that she needed to find Aria and tell her that she was right.

Now she needed to escape from Malfoy Manner and make it home before her life was forfeit. She was not afraid of dying, but afraid of never seeing her twin sister again. She had tried to deny her bond with Aurora and understood how deep the pain was that she had caused her sister. She needed to fix that before her life ended.

Now she needed to hide long enough to get to a place she could Apparate. She needed a disguise or a spell to stop anyone from noticing her. A disguise was less likely to work because anyone unknown would be stopped, so she needed to be able to walk through the house unnoticed. She thought back to the spells she knew. None of them would work. Maybe she could make a new one. She needed a spell that would make everyone disregard her. The Latin her father had struggled with her to learn finally had a use. She took out her wand and waved it down from her head to her toes as she whispered “Victorianimo Ignoro”. She walked over to the mirror on the wall and tried to look at herself, but her eyes kept rolling past the image reflected back. It had worked!

Aurora put purpose in her steps and walked briskly towards the front steps. No one stopped her and soon she was standing on the front lawn where she could Apparate home.

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