Vignette Collection: Untitled by Taking Back the City

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:PG
Created:2008-10-24 Modified:2008-10-25
Summary:Ron waits for Hermione after class...

As class let out, Ron waited for Hermione by the dungeon door. He watched impatiently as the other NEWT-level potions students exited the room, soon followed by Slughorn. Several minutes passed, yet, Hermione was nowhere to be found. Grunting in exasperation, Ron adjusted the bag on his shoulder, pushed open the dungeon door, and felt his jaw drop. Standing in the doorway, Ron cautiously pulled his wand from his pocket.

Hermione wasn't in the room, but the scene he saw instead confused Ron even more than her absence. The desks and chairs were all aligned perfectly, but the usual grey stone walls and hard stone floor had somehow been replaced by a green grassy field and endless skies. Taking a step into this bizarre new paradise, he heard the door behind him slam, and as he turned to look at it, he found it had disappeared. Turning back to where the desks stood, he slowly made his way forward, his eyes scanning for motion of any kind.

'What th' bloody hell is going on in here?' No one answered him, and the silence that ensued made him terribly uneasy. 'Why didn't Slughorn notice this?'

'HELLO? Is someone there?' Ron yelled for someone, anyone, to hear him. A small laugh countered his remark.

'Who's there?' More laughter.

Spinning slowly on his heel, Ron held his wand out, ready to hex anything that came at him. Another bought of laughter from behind him. Turning, he aimed a Reductor Curse at the person behind him, but his attacker lazily cast it away.

'What're you doing he--' Ron was cut off as a fiery red spell hit him square in the chest.

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