Vignette Collection: The Maniacal Plot Bunnies! =^_^= by Loki

Fandom:Original Fiction Rating:PG
Created:2008-12-02 Modified:2008-12-02
Summary:If you’re a BETA editor, or a writer, this will tickle your funny bone! Let’s have a little fun with writing puns! hahaha! *winks at squeeing plot bunnies*
The Maniacal Plot Bunnies! =^_^=

The maniacal plot bunnies!

Oh, tis a mystery, as a magical bard, me sees some strange things in my travels.

Ah, the capital is a fair place! Maidens of lyric beauty, their looping scripts, sassy Vocab, so enchanting.

If out at the editing tavern, yer find the hot act, the Dangling Modifiers play each night, and do a little Clause Stripping. Now make sure you're old enough to visit young lads!

Ahaha! On Splicing Nights, the vowels come for free as the jugs of punctuation ale are handed around and me pops a pretty lil giggling theme upon my lap and we sing lil proofing ditties as the barman chases out the underage Alphabet Kids.

The locals are a friendly bunch, but the Capitals and the Tenses are a bit scary, especially when it comes to a turf war. The Consinant War Lords and the Cyber Bards must respect their respective sides of the Page.

But no self respecting pretty young Drabble should go out too late at night lest she risk running into the Title Gangs, or the sneaky Format pickpockets.

On the hill lives olí Paragraph, Many a strange story told about that olí devil! But if yee be looking for fun, yee cann-a go past the Symphony of One Shots, good fun and they perform each Saturday in the Plot Bunny Enclosure for free! =^_^=

Mind you, it is a good time to chat up all those pretty Ficlets. But the Genres are notorious for their Coffee Pirating!

So, come to our wonderful world of adventure, but you BETA take care, for it is not a place for the faint of print and bring your Spell Book, for magic will see you write! Hahaha!

King Fanfic and Queen Original on behalf of our Library welcome all who visit and pay homage at the Temple of WISE! *winks and sips hazelnut coffee*

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