Vignette Collection: Xanthippe by Kihin Ranno

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:PG
Created:2009-03-29 Modified:2009-03-29
Summary:Kunzite plays a trick on Minako.

“Oh, Sweetie?”

Kunzite looks up from his copy of Plato’s Symposium, arching his eyebrow over the rim of his wire reading glasses. Minako flashes him one of those dazzling smiles that makes him go weak at the knees and sends a coil of hunger racing through him. She looks up at him through her lashes and licks her lip in that way she claims is completely absent-minded. It takes a great deal of willpower on his part not to vault off the couch and drag her to the floor.

“Yes?” he asks, his voice resembling that of the university librarian.

She gestures to their computer. “I can’t come up with a good username for this RPG.” She pouts. “All the good ones are taken.”

He runs through the possibilities for “good names” in his head that must be taken. Golden Goddess. Aphrodite. Grand Torturer of Cats.

“Why not Xanthippe?” he asks, biting the inside of his cheek.

She tilts her head to the side. “What’s that mean?”

He shrugs. “Just a woman I’m reading about.”

Minako narrows her eyes suspiciously. “Was she pretty?”

He has no idea. “Of course.”

“But not prettier than me.” This is a statement of fact, not a question.

He just smiles and returns to his book, admirably holding back a chuckle.

Kunzite does not pay for his transgression until three hours later after he has fallen asleep with Symposium crumpled on the ground. He is having a very pleasant dream wherein Minako is wearing a French maid’s costume and whispering naughty things in French when he is awoken. By a bucket of ice water in his face.

He sits up, choking and coughing. He blinks water out of his eyes and glares at the yellow blur to his right. “What are you doing?!”

“Ami-chan told me what it means, you big jerk,” she huffs. “Just for that, I’m cooking dinner tonight, and you have to eat every bit of it.” She tossed her hair and then flounced into the kitchen to begin his punishment.

Kunzite sighed miserably. “Well, I was right. You are an ill-tempered woman.”

“And you’re getting seconds!”

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Review by shetan83 2010-11-12

Bwahahhaha. We know who's sleeping on the couch tonight.
Review by Loki 2009-04-08

Kunz is very, very brave! LOL

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