Vignette Collection: Winning by Nephthys Moon

Fandom:Ouran High School Host Club Rating:G
Created:2009-03-31 Modified:2009-03-31
Summary:Hikaru knew he’d won

Hikaru wondered when he first thought he might be winning in his contest against Tamaki. He couldn't decide if the realization had hit him the day Haruhi had tried to improve his vocabulary by introducing him to various words he'd never heard of in an effort to make him feel better about himself or if it had been the day she'd responded to his teasing, playful banter with a quip of her own. Either way, he knew exactly when he realized he had won: it was the day she let him rub himself against her like an overgrown cat in his typical, annoying fashion without pushing him off - and had even pressed against him a little herself, a mischievous, teasing glint in her eye that he'd never seen before.

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Review by Loki 2009-04-08

I am not familiar with these characters, but this is nonetheless still cute! :)

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