Vignette Collection: Yahtzee! by Kihin Ranno

Fandom:Doctor Who Rating:PG
Created:2009-04-08 Modified:2009-04-08
Summary:The Doctor searches for a new catchphrase.

"I'm starting to think I ought to have a new catchphrase."

Donna gives the Doctor a look stolen from her mother, a look that so easily conveyed her mother's disdain for Donna's lack of ambition that Donna now uses to let the Doctor know just what she thinks of these random utterances.


"No, hear me out," the Doctor continues, licking his lips in anticipation. "'Fantastic.' It's just a little... on the nose, don't you think."

Donna nodded briskly. "Oh, yeah. Me and the Ood, it's all we talked about. How on the nose you were."

"What do you think as an alternative?" the Doctor asked. "I mean, I suppose there's 'fabulous,' but it's a little... what's the word..."

Donna shows him a limp wrist, which more or less takes care of that possibility.

"Yeah," he agrees. "What about... What do you think about 'stupendous?'"

She wrinkles her nose. "I'd say it's old fashioned, but that's an understatement, innit?"

The Doctor mumbles intelligibly, but in an agreeable tone, and strokes his chin. Donna wonders if he's ever had a beard in one of his past... incarnations, she supposes.

"What about 'Yahtzee'?"

Donna rolls her eyes and walks off. "Oh, now you're off it."

"What?" he insists. "It's catchy! It's exciting!"

"It's stupid," she says without sympathy. "Now bugger off."

The Doctor stares after her as she goes. Then he turns, smiles widely, and shouts, "Yahtzee!"

He listens to it echo through the TARDIS for a moment.

"Nah," he decides. "Too off the nose."

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