Vignette Collection: Determination and Letdowns by Kihin Ranno

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:R
Created:2006-02-16 Modified:2006-02-16
Summary:Remus might not look it, but he is. He really, really is.
Determination and Letdowns

Lily hadn't been sorted into Gryffindor for nothing. At least that's what she told herself when she began to consider what she was about to do. She'd always thought that other girls were silly when they blushed about boys and tittered nervously in corridors, but she suddenly felt a great deal of sympathy for them in this moment. After all, it wasn't every day that she came to see Remus J. Lupin with this express purpose in mind.

Lily sighed, getting more than a little weak at the knees and hating herself for it. But he was... Remus. He was well-read, intelligent, mysterious, and she assumed he bathed daily so as to wash the stench of Black and Potter off of him. And best of all, he saw a purpose to rules! He was sanity in a world of heathens! He really was her ideal man.

Stealing herself up for this moment, Lily rapped smartly on the door before pushing it open. And there she found...


He looked up, hair askew and glasses pushed up onto his forehead. They promptly fell back into place as he pushed himself to his feet, bounding over to Lily like an excited rabbit. "Lily! I didn't expect you to drop by."

"Yes, well I didn't expect you to be here. Good-bye," Lily turned on her heel and prepared to leave.

"Umm wait! Are you sure you--"

"I'm looking for Remus," Lily said pointedly, making her purpose quite clear.

James frowned, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. "Right. About that. Lily, I really think someone ought to--"

"Regale you with tales of your greatness?" Lily snapped. "Marvel on the rugged messiness of your hair? Expound on all your various and sundry supposed attributes that you and Sirius do so like to sing about after too many drinks? Thanks so much but I--"

Just then, she heard a bit of a ruckus behind her and was greeted by a rather unpleasant sight. Well, at first all she saw was Remus and her heart soared... And it was promptly dragged back down to earth, stomped upon, and driven through poison spikes when she happened to take notice of the fact that he was tangled in a rather demonstrative embrace. They were kissing harder than she thought it was possible to be kissed, Sirius's hand buried down Remus's pants and stroking the hardened cock with practiced skill. Remus moaned into his mouth, winding scarred hands into dark hair, arching up against his touch, craving more of it like steaming chocolate.

Before the pair could take note of James or Lily, James yanked her by the arm and pulled her inside, locking the door behind them. "I don't think they'll make it into the room," he explained sheepishly.

Lily blinked. Several times. “Is he really—“

“Yes,” James assured her.

“And he isn’t just… experimenting?”

“It would certainly be a very long experiment if they are.”

“Huh,” Lily muttered. “You know, Remus really doesn’t—“

“Look it. I know.”

“I mean I always guessed that Sirius was—“

“Oh, well that’s a given. I mean really. He’s known since always.”

“And Remus?”

“Longer I imagine.”

"Oh," Lily said, frowning herself. "Well then. That makes this whole visit a bit of a waste of time."

"Right..." James muttered softly, his hand twitching as if wanting to touch her shoulder. "I'm sorry about--"

"I suppose you'll have to do then," Lily said, pushing James down on the bed and taking off her tie. She promptly straddled him, running her hands underneath his shirt.

James turned about as red as his bed sheets. "E-Evans! What are you--"

"James Potter, I came here expecting a screaming orgasm, and I will not leave without one," Lily said in a very business like fashion as she unbuttoned her top. "I do hope you're not slow to rise. I have an essay due tomorrow."

James was very glad he had decided to lock the door.

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Review by ScarlettShannon 2007-06-07


And there was REMUSPENIS in this one! Saying that outloud without a pause is REALLY QUITE AMUSING!!


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