Vignette Collection: Tempest in Lapis by Loki

Fandom:Original Fiction Rating:PG13
Created:2009-08-04 Modified:2009-08-04
Summary:In this piece, I attempt to capture the magic of the sea, as Lady Ocean, she is in her many moods, much like us: the lover, the warrior, the dancer and much more. One mirrors the other, but have we forgotten that?
Tempest in Lapis

Tempest in Lapis

Tubes of Celeste, roll over me, weave my life into your plans, make of me what you will,

As the sun steps back behind the storm front, I, your supplicant, a fool, a devotee, like driftwood upon the shore, am but an offering to you,

Again, I plunge into her oceanic breakers, and once more seek the wanderlust of the sea,

As she takes my legs, and pulls me down, I at first recoil, then give up the fight,

I move, I am hopeís vessel. A conch no less,

The maidenís hair entangled in the breakers, the old woman, seaweed for hair,

Gnarled, twisted hands reach for you as you surf on ancient seas, waters so old they beckon seductively as the hag becomes the beguiler, the seductress, temptress; naked to her dream, moisten than the sweetest oyster as you take your fill, yet she drags you down to drown in her depths,

Sojourner, she slinks away with your life as she does your seed of tomorrow, your precious heart will beat in the ceaseless throbbing of lapis jewels,

Resplendent, as the foamy crests await their fructification, their fertilization assuming a new form,

Creatures of the deep march in endless procession, mentors and magi, witches and warlocks, tyrannical warriors and cruel eyed monarchs of the stormy sea,

These ancient ones, fury and rage, winds tousling their aquamarine tresses,

The oceanís spawn, roaring towards you as the tempest rose blooms then rises on the horizon,

The crackling skies above, sound the trumpeting thunderclaps, I see the sapphire trident, the electric blue webs of yore,

Blood red are the clouds, embellished by wrathful tides of menacing anvils, marshaling the complicit powers therein to their purpose as Indra looks on from his cloudy flagship,

Rain bestows its stinging judgment on what was once calm and tranquil silk, the naked lady in repose, but now she, swept away into the embrace of Neptune, he spares her not, as he takes his pleasure,

Engorging himself on her azure body, her rolling swells where her love and lifeís nourishment feed the children of her bounty, waves and currents her circulatory weft, she moves willingly and in rapture beneath the God of the seven seas,

The coast can but only dream, ablutions pouring down, the sea sprites stamping dainty feet, that shake the Earth, no longer dainty,

A dance of power, their cries caught in the throats of gulls, as the fullness of the moon ascends from the crown of angry black to pour her libations on the frothy swirls of lovers below,

Salutations to sea, Mara, the bitter one, the fecundity of the sphere of blue, Star of the Sea, mother Isis, she whom can drown the world on a whim,

Tread not without respect oh beachcomber, pirate and traveler, explorer, lovers whom seek her blessing by the shore,

She is tempest and bosom, victim and avenger, she is so much more and her eternal sea, though sullied by foolish men, will rise anew when her tormentors are no more but primordial memory under a violet sky,

Kissed by a pure golden sun and silver moon, her view no longer obscured by clouds of greed and the endless hunger,

The air, her sweet breath, crystalline and fresh, free of impurities,

Jade, Lapis, Sapphire, china-blue opalescent enigma, the shells of shimmering white, riddle, song unsung, decorous and pristine,

All this I see in your eyes my love, as I follow you to your bed, I give myself to your restless tides, flesh and flesh conjoin as the sea sings its lullaby long after the rise and fall of our own climactic tides recede,

The mermaid, the lord of the sea, the temporal cartwheel of Atlantis, a mystery-awaiting discovery,

The echo of the sea, it all glows upon your supple skin, sweet, salty tears of bliss and of realization as love pounds upon your troubled shore,

You surrender to it all, basking in the tidal joy, giving yourself to the loving, and your heartís desperate need,

You turn to me and say, ďI love you. That, is all that matters. I am content.Ē

Worlds may spin in and out of phase, dreams shatter and reorganize in their dance of life. But you and I, like the ocean, shall endure for eternity, my darling love.

Sapphire Zephyr

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