Vignette Collection: Trinket by Lunnaya

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:G
Created:2009-09-01 Modified:2009-09-01
Summary:A trinket of the past. A curio for the haunting future. Today is the day your future happens.


By Lunnaya (
Beta-reader: Koneko | Rated G | August 2009

A Sailor Moon fanfiction.

Summary: A trinket of the past. A curio for the haunting future. Today is the day your future happens.


This light. She never thought that light could burn so much. A scream tore through her chest, she wanted to scream and then scream some more, but all the answer she had was silence, an insane dizziness of flight, and white-hot fire devouring her whole body, singing each and every little fiber of her being. The light reached into her most secret memories, ripping out voices and faces and dispersing them in space.

She shut her eyes. That was for the better. She was ready for this. No one to save, living for no one’s sake. For the better.

She reached out welcoming arms to embrace the scorching light…

…A diminutive figure in a shining bubble shook her head.

Eyes. Slightly narrowed, always a little bit teasing. Eyes – windows to the soul. Blue eyes.

She gasped, “Sei—”

”Shh…” A tender brush of lips. “Good morning. Had a bad dream?”

“Yeah…” She blinked harshly. “Such a long, long dream…” She hesitated. Reached for the memory. “Only I can’t remember…”

A warm kiss on her cheek.

“I love you. Be right back.”

The young woman smiled and watched the dark-haired figure leave the room. Alone now, she rolled to her side. Spots of light reflected off the smooth mirror-like towers, passing through the diamond in her ring, and playing on her face.

The ring promised all that she had wished for. Happiness together with her beloved, and the brown-eyed little elf that everyone was waiting for; a break so brief before all would shatter to pieces and the world as they knew it would end. A world that had to be saved. Yet again.

She never visited fortune-telling booths with her classmates anymore, and didn’t tail the Guardian of Space-Time, not pestering her even with as something as trifling as which question would appear in her history test. Or how much time did an ordinary girl Tsukino Usagi have before the future arrived on her doorstep.

She shuddered. Her, a Queen. The Ruler of the Earth.

Sheets murmured as she sat up. On the bedside table was a trinket of old times, framed in simple metal. A postcard with a star shooting through the night of myriad lights.

The girl took the frame in her hands and silently traced one delicate finger across the path the star had travelled.

Eyes that saw right into your soul...

“You aren’t not good enough,” she whispered. “It’s just that… he’s not you.”

She placed the frame back on the table. Face down. Slipped her feet to the cool floor and rose, wrapping herself in the bedsheet, like she used to when she was little, and, pasting on a smile and adding a spring to her step, skipped out of the room.

“Hey, say that one more time!”

A muted laughter could be heard in the kitchen.

“You greedy thing… I’ve already said that fifty times last night!

“Well, pleeease!”

“All right, all right… Will you marry me, Usa?”

Laughter ran in the sunlit apartment.

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