Vignette Collection: Defying Gravity by Kihin Ranno

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:PG13
Created:2006-02-16 Modified:2006-02-16
Summary:She can only fly to him in her dreams, and he cannot be grounded while she wakes.
Defying Gravity

She may have been bound by gravity in her waking time, but she could always escape it in the comforting arms of the night. Queen Lady Serenity longed for the night when she could leave the confines of royal obligations, pointless balls, and advisors hounding her for a husband and heir. Then she could escape and defy them all when the least expected it.

She flew up past the realms of normal consciousness and entered where no one could enter. However, the rules were different for her. Disregarded by benevolent beings who knew how her heart broke and the one lay within as well. They turned a blind eye and a deaf ear, allowing them the illusion of happiness when they could never hope for the real thing.

She entered the forbidden land where she was not meant to tread. The land he could not leave as he was bound to it by duty. He was a lot like Pluto in that respect... Except worse off. Pluto had escaped. He could not leave lest they all be destroyed by their nightmares.

She ran to the temple, cotton candy streamers trailing out behind her like an after thought. She saw him standing there, flagged by his two maidens who guarded him. They turned their backs as always as he opened his arms.

"Helios!" she whispered with a smile on her face to stop the tears from coming. Then she flung herself into those arms as the closed around her like a cage. A cage neither one of them would ever escape.

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Review by blue 2006-02-22


Elios *drools a little*

I like it!!

Now all it needs is a bit of smut! O:)

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