Vignette Collection: Familiar Strangers by Heavenly Pearl

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:G
Created:2011-04-16 Modified:2011-04-17
Summary:Sailor Saturn is shocked by Uranus’ and Neptune’s betrayal.
Familiar Strangers

I looked at Uranus and Neptune, shocked by what they had done. How could they so easily accept Galaxia’s deal? Where was their pride as Sailor Senshi? We had promised to do everything we could to protect this planet and the Princess; it made no sense for them to suddenly switch sides like this.

And to turn on Pluto and me… I thought we were a family. I had loved them like parents and looked up to them as soldiers. The two people in front of me, they weren’t Haruka-papa and Michiru-mama. They looked like them, sounded like them, but they were strangers. The Uranus and Neptune I knew wouldn’t turn traitor.

Yet they had, of their own free will. They put their own selfish desire to live ahead of their duty as soldiers. I wanted to keep living, too, but not at the expense of the planet. I came close to destroying it once before; I would rather die than to do so again.

I thought Uranus and Neptune felt the same, but maybe I didn’t know them as well as I thought I did.

DISCLAIMER: Sailor Moon is the property of Naoko Takeuchi.

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