Vignette Collection: Long Distance Love by Heavenly Pearl

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:G
Created:2011-07-09 Modified:2011-07-09
Summary:Minako writes a letter to her long-distance boyfriend, Yaten.
Long Distance Love

Dear Yaten,

Iím not even sure how I will mail this letter to you when you live like a million light years away from Earth, but I just want you to know how much I love you and that IĎm always thinking of you.

You know, being in a long-distance relationship totally sucks. After all these years of searching for love, I finally have a boyfriend, but I canít even see him. Some of my non-Senshi friends even doubt IĎm dating you. They think Iím just a delusional fangirl, taking my obsession with Three Lights too far. It doesnít help that every time they ask me where you all are, I have to tell them itís a secret. It seems your fans really miss you, but nowhere near as much as I do.

Do you miss me, too? I suppose youíre probably too busy rebuilding Kinmoku to give much thought to the silly idol chaser you left behind on Earth. I have to admit I sometimes wonder if maybe youíve found somebody else and thatís why you havenít contacted me like you promised. I know itís only been a month since you left, but it feels like a lifetime has passed since that night.

You do love me, right, Yaten? I know youíre not the type of person who would lie about something like that. Youíre too brutally honest for that, so I have to believe itís true. Itís the only thing keeping me from completely falling apart without you. Iíll treasure that night always and dream of the day when we can finally be together again. Until then, youíre always in my heart.

Love and kisses,

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